Girl In Forks

What if after Charlie and Renee split, Charlie found someone else? What if they got together and even had a kid? Meet Poppy Dean-Swan. The younger sister of Bella Swan by one year. This is her story of being the girl in Forks, and how her life changes when her sister ups and moves into their house after years of being apart.


3. poppy loves beef jerky

The car ride was full of stupid awkward tension. It wasn't between me and Bella which is confusing, it was between Bella and Charlie. I had my head on the window feeling the cool touch of it on my cheek. The same collage of greens blurred by as Charlie and Bella, the two most awkward people ever, just sat in silence.

I growled lowly and then faked cough to get their attention. "So Bella. Are you excited for your first day at Forks high?"

I could see Bella through the side mirror and she brushed a strand of hair away from her face. "I wouldn't say excited..maybe-"

I cut her off. "Anxious?"

She breathed out a laugh and looked down in her lap. "Am I that easy to read?"

I laughed then leaned in and gripped her shoulders trying to comfort her. "Nah, I just know the feeling of going to the first day of school."

I went back to sitting regularly in my seat and went back to staring out the window. I could hear Charlie start a conversation, well at least try to make an attempt to. We passed the sign of Forks and I almost laughed at our population count.

I traced a smiley face with my pointer finger into the glass. I smiled back at my new friend. I think I'll call him Michael. We stopped at a red light. I looked at a couple walking by and frowned. Will I ever find someone who looks at me like that?

I shake my head trying to shove those thoughts away. Poppy Swan does not think like that. I close my eyes sighing and just let my eyes stay closed for the rest of the ride. I let myself drift off into sleep land.


Charlie and Bella went upstairs hauling her suitcases up the steps and into her bedroom. I just sat myself on the front step still half asleep. I rubbed my eyes then let out a big yawn stretching my back. I rubbed my cheeks and tried to focus my mind, but sleep was such a wonderful thing. It was a little warmer than earlier, but still cool enough that I wasn't baking like a potato, which I'm grateful for. I pulled my tote onto my lap and dug through until my hands clasped around the familiar feeling of plastic. I took it out and smiled. 

"Jerky! Hello ol' friend." I say and then open the top and proceeded to stuff my face with the delicious taste of teriyaki jerky. 

Too caught up in the moment I didn't realize that two pairs of eyes were looking my way, and the youngest of the two started to laugh. "Why is it that every time we visit, you're either sleeping or pigging out?"

I smiled and rubbed my hands off on my jeans and looked over at the two people I love most next to family. What am I talking about, they are family. I jogged over to them and jumped into his awaiting arms. "Jake!" 

"Poppy!" he said and lift me up with ease. 

I had my arms wrapped tightly around his neck and my cheek smashed against his. "My brother from another mother." 

Jake snorted and put me down. "I guess that makes you my sister from another mister?"

This time I snorted and gagged. "Please never say that again, I want to live up to 18 thank you."

Jake scoffed and shoved my shoulder playfully. "Only if you stop scarring me every time you eat jerky!"


Billy laughed at our casual antics and wheeled over to me and gestured for a hug. I smiled down at him and gladly excepted it. He pat my back and when we separated he smiled at me. "You're growing?"

I nodded and stood next to Jake. I used to be the same height as his chest but now I'm at shoulder height. Woo! Shoulder height baby! I cheese up at Jake and received one of his original goofy ones back. It's still weird knowing that he's only a few months younger than me. 

"And look what the cat dragged in or should I say rolled." Charlie said while climbing down the steps and making his way towards us. 

Billy rose an eyebrow then looked at me and shoved a thumb Charlie's way. "Is he talking about me?"

I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head. "Obviously he's talking about his lame jokes." 

"Good one." Jake said holding his stomach and giving me a high five. Charlie chuckled and pat Billy's shoulder. "Bella's here."

"Oh really? Already?" Billy asked and rolled to face the house. I could feel the happiness radiating off of Jake in waves and it was sickening. There's no way anyone can't tell that Jake was major crushing on her since we were little. I bit the inside of my cheek trying to stifle my laughter.

Charlie nodded and looked at me. "Can you get her?"

I pursed my lips almost choking, and nodded and pulled away from the conversation and into the house. I walked upstairs and down the hall going to Bella's room. I knocked on the wall and poked my head inside. "Uhm Bella?"

She was standing in the middle of the room looking at her dresser, but when I called out she jumped and the picture she was holding fell. "Oh y-yes?"

I smiled warmly and motioned for her to follow me. "There's some old friends of ours that want to see you."

Bella licked her lips then gave a small smile looking at her feet then to me. "Okay."


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