Girl In Forks

What if after Charlie and Renee split, Charlie found someone else? What if they got together and even had a kid? Meet Poppy Dean-Swan. The younger sister of Bella Swan by one year. This is her story of being the girl in Forks, and how her life changes when her sister ups and moves into their house after years of being apart.


2. poppy and bella

A/n: Just to make it clear, Poppy doesn't hold any hate or dislike towards Bella . She actually likes Bella and is happy to meet her again!

I let my fluffy brown towel hit the floor, and the cold immediately attacked my skin. I shivered and walked over to my bed where my outfit lay out. Today I decided on simple but simple. I put on my undergarments and then proceeded to throw on my go to clothes. A baggy light blue sweatshirt with a red heart on the left breast. I pulled on my ripped, distressed boyfriend jeans, red socks and light blue converses.

I turned around to look at myself in my full body mirror. I spun around doing poses and then laughed at myself. A knock on my door veered me back into what was happening. The door opened and on the other side was Charlie. He looked at me and then my outfit, shook his head and smiled.

"Gonna head downstairs to make my coffee and we'll be ready to head out as soon as 7:00." He said leaning his body on the door frame.

I nodded and looked back into the mirror tousling my hair around. "Roger that chief."

He saluted and left the doorway and downstairs to start on his coffee. I laughed thinking about how that man needed that coffee to survive. My eyes were locked onto my reflection. This was probably my most favorite outfit, simple but simple. I smiled showing my pearly whites and the dimple I had on my right cheek.

"Boop!" I whisper poking my dimple and then giggled.

I grinned then looked at the messy light brown curls I call my hair. I frown pulling on a curl making it straight, then let it go and watched it bounce back. I let out a sigh and tried to see what it would look like if I tried to tie it up in a ponytail.

I tilted my head to the side. "I guess this will have to do Poppy."

I blinked and then smiled and pulled it into a ponytail and shook my head letting the tail swish behind me. From downstairs I could hear the old floors shifting under the weight of Charlie and the sound of the front door squeaking open.

"Time to go!" He yelled already making his way outside.

"I'm coming down now!" I yell back. I glance at myself one last time. "Let's go make an impression."

I grab my brown tote that had the word 'Potato' in big white letters. I jogged down the steps two at a time and leap off the last step. I made sure to shut the front door as I ran out the house and towards Dads patrol car.

He had his door open and was leaning on it waiting for me. He smiled when he saw me and beeped the horn. "Finally decided to stick to schedule today."

He chuckled when I passed by him sticking my tongue out. I took my seat on the passenger side and slammed the door shut behind me. Charlie did the same but more gracefully.

"Watch the paint sweetheart." He pleaded wiping the dashboard for any dust, like he does every other day.

I shrugged my shoulders looking out the window. "Lets get this over with fast, I'm missing out on some good juice."

I could feel Charlie's stare on the back of my head, but chose to ignore it. He breathed out and put the car in reverse and pulled out the driveway. I looked ahead down the road tiredly. "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz."


Me and dad were leaning on the car waiting for Bella to exit the airport. I tapped my fingers to a random tune and looked around at all the people entering and leaving. Charlie stood a little bit in front of me and seemed kinda nervous.

"Dad just relax." I say putting my arms behind my head.

Charlie coughed fixing his jacket. "I am. That's what I've been doing this whole time."

"Mhmm." I drawl out. I take deep breathes and then step closer to him and rubbed his shoulder. "Don't worry dad, your not alone in this. I'm Bella's family too, I can help."

I guess that's what he needed because he smiled down at me and held my hand. "Thanks."

I returned his smile and looked ahead. A few minutes later a girl walked out looking down at her feet. Brown hair and pale skin, she looked up and all I could see was Charlie.

Charlie gave a small smile waving to her. She bit her lip and made her towards us.

"It's nice to see you Bella." Charlie said. I watched from behind the interaction between father and daughter.

Bella smiled and then sucked in a breath when she saw me. "Poppy, right?"

I smiled and gave her a small wave. "That's my name!"

Bella waved and then turned to look at Charlie. He blinked then gestured to the car. "Uh let's head out then."

"Sure." Bella said and walked around the front and into the passenger seat.

Charlie looked at me and then puffed his chest out. "Come on Poppy."

I rolled my eyes getting in the backseat. "Already two steps ahead of you old man."

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