Totally Realistic Unicorns

Saffron Brown was a perfectly normal, happy girl until she created Jazlyn, a world that she can access. She creates the different people there, and which real people get to go, she rules the architecture and the designs. Then came the Evil.


1. Through the window


Ok, I'm sorry, but my story starts out like every story. An unexpected main character (that's me!) suddenly meets an incredible awesome thing that changes his/her life FOREVER. If I wasn't going to start like this I could go ahead in time, but It I went all the way to when the evil came to Jazlyn, you would be confused. You wouldn't understand the perfectly normal-ness and happiness that was in my life. I'm sorry to say my life was also kind of boring. I had never experienced a bully, and never intended to, so I kept my tight group of friends. Don't get me wrong, We were nice and open to everyone, and never got into fights. The upside of a group of friends was that if someone was bullied, everyone else would stand up. Anyway, let's get to the story my incredible awesome change in my perfectly normal, boring life. 

"When are you going to get a non-pathetic phone?" My best friend, August Swenson argued on the bus. 

"My phone isn't non-pathetic." I said examining it. "It's just less un-pathetic than your's. At least it's not a flip phone." 

"True." Tina George, my other best friend said. "But really, an iPhone is better in my opinion." 

"At least it's a touchscreen device that doesn't have a slide out keyboard. It's a Window's phone." I argued. The bus heaved to a stop and we all clambered out. 

"Bye Aug!" Tina yelled to August as we went one way and he went the other. I stopped by Tina's house on my way home to grab a "freshly baked cookie from yesterday!" made by Tina. We were in her kitchen when my phone buzzed and a text came in.

Dad: We will be home later, the door is open! 

Saffron: K, thanks.

"Since when have they ever been home late?" Tina asked. 

"Since they went to the art gallery," I said showing her my Mom's text. 

Mom: At the gallery, be home late!!!

"Still not usual." Tina argued. 

I walked home confused. In most stories this was a time where disaster struck. A person died or... a car got robbed! I nervously watched around the street to look of signs of the elementary school bus. There were about five elementary school buses in my neighborhood that all arrived around the same time. That meant about 100 kids shoving up the streets, especially mine because of the 2 bus stops on it. 

I climbed up my steps and opened the door. It was unlocked, as promised. When I walked inside, my dog, Lilac wasn't in her usual place on the armchair. Maybe my dog died and I had to cope with the pain... But no, Lilac was on my bed. I sat there wondering why why something interesting was always boring. And also why there was a short bald man climbing through my window onto my desk. 

Now is the part when I scream.

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