As the Pain Settles In


2. Introduction

      Hey as most of you know, my name is Rylie. This story is about me as most of the feeling bad ones are, but this is different..... I'm trying to see if this will stop me from lashing out so much at people. Help me as the pain settles in? Be a critic or be my friend. Betray me or be loyal to me, you may pick your poison. So you guys know my ex Luke, well looks like that didn't work, but I'm slowly starting to not care or trust anyone. People talk about me all the time.

     Girls say I'm ugly, fat, stupid, and unwanted; maybe they're right though, maybe I'm ugly, fat,stupid, or unwanted. Maybe I should just be done, everyone hates me, so I'd be doing them a favor. All of you know my friend Em, right? Well she hasn't spoke to me in months; maybe she doesn't care anymore, or maybe she does. I guess I will never know. Also lets just say I'm not in a good relationship right now, sounds like me, bad judge of character. He threatened to slap me Saturday, yea I don't know what I did but he didn't like it apparently. 

      What have I done? Do I deserve this? I don't know but I do know my depression isn't being handled the healthy way. Yesterday I lashed out, told my parents all they do is let me down and I said I hated them. It got worse I screamed I went outside and threw stuff... I cried. I broke down after that: me and my dad went to Walmart I broke down crying in the car; I couldn't hold it in anymore.. Guys I don't know what I'm doing.....

Help me

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