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1. Invisible

Being invisible is like being a ghost

Being a ghost is like not existing.

The only one who can see you is your shadow

Your companion who never leaves you

But ignores you throughout the day.


Somedays you have to burst into colour from the shades of grey

But you know that you know that darkness will overcome you again

Like the power going out during a storm


You burst out being seen again but quickly disappear into the darkness.

                                                        Waiting and waiting for it to turn back on forever                                                                   But you know it's going to take a while

                                                      It would be too easy to say you're  invisible.                                                                  Instead you feel painfully visible and entirely ignored

You fade away lost inside a memory of someones life

                                                            Everybodys different and you are too                                                                                                                You really want to fit in so you change                                                                                                                    You change what you like and what you like                                                                                                             But it doesn't work you're different, to different                                                                                         So different that it doesn't matter to you                                                                                                    So different that it doesn't matter to the world.

                                                                        You dont know that it's good to be different                                                                                                                                                                       Outstanding from everyone else                                                                                                       At some point you realize that your on your own                                                                               You were meant to live in your own world                                                                                         Changing the world                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         And making everything better for yourself

Yes you were a ghost but you had nobody to bring you down                                                                                                 And tear you apart

You love the ones that saw you when you were invisible to everyone else                                                                                       The ones that helped you get back on your feet                                                                                                         The ones that brought you into their lives engulfing you in warmth and happiness

You're not the stray dog on the street anymore                                                                                                                                                                     You're the one that can live under a roof in full light sun or moon                                                            The one that will never be ignored                                                                                                            And the one who can be strong again


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