I Can't Hear You Over The Music Anyway

Abigail is mute. Always has been. She's learned to deal with it, but when two random boys take two random items from her she has to get them back. And what's up with the new kid in class? (A Nat Wolff FanFiction)


6. chapter 6

Abigail rushed home. She was crying, and though she had no voice, her crying was loud. All she could do was cry. Her brother was gone. The only person she could do any REAL communicating with. He is, and was, the only family member that had even tried to learn sign language with her. She might have grown up with her sisters, but her brother was her best friend (Excluding Kyle). Timothy was the only person who really knew her. He was the only person that mattered to her. She pulled into the driveway, and saw a bunch of cars in front of her car, as if there was a traffic jam in her yard. She got out of the car, and wiped off her face as she walked up to the door. 

 As she walked in she could see all the people that went with the cars in the drive. They were neighbors, family, and friends coming to tell her parents how much they were sorry.

"Abby." Her mother said approaching her. Her mother was dressed in black, and as was her father. "I wish you were still at school. This wasn't even planned. Everyone heard through that blasted Face-Page. We tried to send everyone off, but they just kept coming." She said, "I wouldn't mind if you wanted to go up into your room." Abigail nodded, and walked over to the stairs when she heard the front door open.

"ABIG-" the voice started yelling, "gail..." It had quieted down when it saw all the people. Abigail turned around, and saw Kyle. Abigail smiled, and motioned for her to come over to her.

"Why in heaven's name are all these people here!?" She asked, "AND WHY, in heaven's name I might add, DID YOU LEAVE SCHOOL EARLY!?" She asked. Abigail rolled her eyes, and walked up the stairs. She walked into her room, and waited for Kyle to walk in to close the door. She walked over to the nearest white board in her room, and wrote.

I left for the same reason these people are here! MY BROTHER IS DEAD. 

Kylee was taken aback. She was just as close to Timothy as Abigail, and just sat down.

"You mean to say my 'Brother' is dead?" She asked. Kyle referred to him as her brother because he was technically her brother. He was the brother she never had, and she liked it that way. All Kylee could think was that everything was going to change now. Abigail sat beside her, and they both just cried.

"You know," Kylee started, "I'm sorry for shouting at you... I didn't know-" Abigail interrupted her with a hug. They had both lost someone dear to them.


Nat ran over, and looked at his brother's bruised jaw.

"WHAT'D YOU DO THAT FOR!?" He asked the kid with the bloody nose.

"Well, I said he looked dorky in his glasses, and he popped me." He said, gesturing to his nose.

"So, you hit him back?!" Nat asked, "Go get the nurse." He said bitterly. The kid rolled his eyes, and walked off. He was trying to bring Alex back around when he saw the nurse coming with the Gym teacher. The Nurse, Mr. Cornell, got Alex up off the ground, and handed him to Mrs. Tanner, the bulky Gym teacher, and proceeded to look at the kid with the bloody nose. Mrs. Tanner followed Nat to his car, and placed him inside.

"He needs to be laying down. So, put him in bed when you get home." She said. Nat nodded. He was terrified of her. She was about 8 times bigger than him in muscle alone. He drove home, and somehow managed to get Alex inside. Nat put Alex on the couch, and walked to the kitchen, and got out the duct tape. He walked to the freezer, and grabbed the ice pack, and walked back to Alex. Nat took the tape, and taped the ice pack to Alex's face. He chuckled, and realized that the coach had told him to put him in bed. He grabbed Alex's arms, and pulled him to the stairs. The only thing that kept him going was the thought of Alex taking the tape off his newly hairy face.  Nat finally got him into bed, and walked into his room.

'better start packing then.' he thought to himself. Nat left all his clothes in the dressers, and everything in his desk, but started packing up small things, like shoes, and books. He looked around, and saw the notebook. He looked inside, and saw a name on the inside of the notebook.

Abigail Covence was scrawled inside in curly letters. He chuckled.

"Abigail Covence?" He wondered outloud, "Never have I ever heard a name like that. It's so classy it must be from the late 1800's." He chuckled to himself until he heard a loud screaming sound. Nat ran down the hall, and saw Alex in the bathroom taking the tape off his face. Nat laughed.

"You think this is funny?" He asked looking at Nat.

"Yes." Nat said through giggles, "But you know what's even funnier?" He asked. Alex shrugged. "THIS!" Nat shouted ripping the tape off, along with the facial hair. Alex screamed, and ran after Nat. Nat ran into the kitchen, and around the table.

"Can't get away now," Alex said cornering him, "I will seriously kill you." He said.

"Not without shaving you won't!" He said laughing, and showing Alex the tape.

"NO!" He said suddenly placing his hand to the long strip of hair missing off his face. He fell to his knees, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" He said.

"HAHA!" Nat said throwing the tape in the trash can, "That's what ypu get for not shaving." He said, "It makes you look older than me!" Alex snapped out of his 'No'ing, and looked at Nat.

"Not my fault you can't grow any facial hair." Nat was about to charge when he heard the front door open to their Mom, and Dad standing in the doorway with a little girl.

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