I Can't Hear You Over The Music Anyway

Abigail is mute. Always has been. She's learned to deal with it, but when two random boys take two random items from her she has to get them back. And what's up with the new kid in class? (A Nat Wolff FanFiction)


2. chapter 2

Nat kept looking over at Abigail throughout the class. Once class was over Nat walked over to her.

"I'm Nat." he said holding out his hand to her. She shook it, and nodded, "And you are?" he asked. She walked over to her desk, "Hey, no need to walk away! I just wanted to get to know you!" Nat said waking away from her. She put out her hand to try to stop him, but he was out of reach. She blew the air out of her cheeks, and began packing up her books. In this school they don't use lockers, they let you carry around all your books all day. So when Abigail's shoulders almost pop off, she can't even whine about it. She walked into the next class, Algebra. She was pretty good at it, but that didn't mean she liked it. She was one of the only students that wasn't failing this class.

"Everyone, this is Nat." Mr. Smith said in his monotone voice. Everyone said "hello", and sat down in their seats. Nat sat down beside her again, and tried again.

"Hey," he whispered, "Look, I'm sorry for walking out on you." he said, "Are we good?" he held out his hand. Abigail grabbed her small blackboard, and drew a smiley face. She put it down, and wrote something.

'Nat, I'm Mute. I can't talk. That's why I walked away. it was to get a piece of paper, and a pen.' she held it up for him to see, but he wasn't paying attention. She groaned, and put the board down.

"Miss Abigail. Can you tell me what X equals?" Mr. Smith asked. Abigail worked it out.

'23.02?' she wrote.

"Correct." He said. Nat didn't look back over until after the class had ended.

"Hey," He said walking up to her, "You wanna go get coffee?" He asked. Abigail nodded, and grabbed her book bag, "And I know what you're thinking, I'm sure you wanna blow off school as much as I do." He said grabbing his bag. They walked out of the classroom, and out to the hall.

"NAT!" Some other guy called from the other end of the hall ,"Where are you going?" Alex asked. Nat smiled.

"I'm going to get coffee." He said.

"Where?!" He asked, "I didn't see any coffee places around here!" He said.

"I was thinking maybe she knew some." Nat said gesturing to Abigail.

"Do you even know her name?" The other asked. Nat put his hands behind his back. Abigail took her pen out, and wrote 'Gail' on his hand.

"Her name is Gail." He said. Abigail thought they looked slightly familiar, but she just couldn't out her finger on it.

"Abigail." Kylee Palmer said coming up behind her. Kylee was called Kyle, and had been Abigail's best friend since kindergarten. She was Abigail's speaker for the longest time. Abigail waved to Kyle, and returned to the boys. Kyle listened to what the boys had to say.

"You can't just leave!" The nameless one argued.

"Why not?!" Nat asked putting on his coat. The other was at a loss for words, "Look, Alex, you better go on to class." Nat said grabbing his bag.

"Nat?" Kyle asked. He turned around, "And Alex."  She pondered for a moment, "HOLY CRAP YOU'RE NAT AND ALEX WOLFF."  She said.

"Yeah, keep it down." Nat said, "And you are?"  He asked.

"OH! Kylee, but you can call me Kyle!" She said, "Sorry, but you guys used to be HUGE." She said loudly.

" Yeah, used to be."  Alex mumbled as he walked away.

"No! Wait!" Kyle called running down the hall after him.

"Ready to go?" Nat asked. Abigail nodded, and walked out to the door. She walked over to her car, and pulled out her keys.

"Oh, you're driving." He said. She pulled out a pad of sticky notes, and wrote her snarky comment on it.

'Well, you did say I was gonna pick the coffee house.' Nat chuckled when he saw it. Abigail smiled.

"So," Nat said, "Know any good music?" He asked. Abigail chuckled to herself, and pressed the 'play' button. Suddenly a wonderful guitar riff rang through the car. Nat listened to it for a minute.

"Who is this?"  He asked. He looked over at Abigail. She pointed to herself, "Really?" He asked. She nodded, "Not much of a talker, are you?" He asked. She shook her head. They came to a stop light.

'I'm actually mute.' She wrote it down and turn to him, and saw him suddenly on the phone.

"Mom, I just went to go get coffee." He said, "I know who told you." He said. He said goodbye, and turned to Abigail, "Look, I've gotta go back to the school. My mom is freaking out cause I left early without telling her. Abigail nodded, and watched him get out of the car. He waved, and walked back in the direction of the school. Abigail decided to go back home. She pulled in the driveway, and went directly to her room.

"Abby?!" Her mother called. Abigail ran to the corner, and grabbed her guitar. She ran back down the stairs and bumped into her father. He made a "shh" sound, and just walked around her. She ran down the continued flight of stairs when she heard her father.

"Honey, It was just me." He shouted from unstairs. Abigail continued running, and made it back out to her car. She put her guitar in the back, and drove to the old house. She ran in, and sat on the nearest couch. SHe pulled out her guitar, and bagan playing. She suddenly heard a door opening, and closing. She stopped, and looked around for a minute before deciding it was just the house groaning. She went back to playing.

Little did she know there was someone on the otherside of the wall she had her back to.

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