No where to hide

Kaneki is gone, Touka has joined the Doves undercover to find him. Will she find him in time before its too late, will a certain someone prevent her from doing so, read and find out!


2. The meeting

Touka walked quietly next to Shinohara, she could feel the piercing eyes of the boy…Juzo? On the back of her head. He seemed to have some weird sort of affect on her, she felt vulnerable like she was a kid again after the disappearance of her father. Chewing the gums inside her mouth she tried to distract herself, but nothing seemed worthy of her attention, she let out a quiet sigh, she seemed to be doing that a lot.

“You don’t seem very amused with this situation, is something bothering you?” the tall man said, tilting his head so that the girl was in sight. Touka knew if she didn’t choose her words carefully she could say goodbye to everything she held dear, she had to keep her guard up like armour, she had to stay strong in order for that armour to not be penetrated but the enemy force, but she felt it crumble slightly under the intense gazes she was receiving. No! snap out of it, think of them like low life ghouls, they won’t hurt you if you appear confident and strong. She looked up and gave off a sickening sweet smile.

“Just a bit under the weather today, I have exams tomorrow so I just want time to study that’s all,” There you go, that wasn’t so hard now was it? She thought. She could tell her lie, well it was actually true but in any case it seemed to have the investigator fooled. She suddenly felt her back become very warm, the younger investigator crept up behind her, she could feel his lips on the shell of her ear, unpleasant shivers ran down her spine.

“Did you know I’m good at detecting lies, but your answer seemed very truthful, for now,” she could feel him smile and then her back became cold again. Beads of sweat began to form on her forehead, she gulped silently. Was he mocking her, was he just messing with her head so she could slip up. NO TOUKA! Focus this is important; you must keep your cool. But the wave of uncertainty was riling her up.

“Juzo leave the poor girl alone, don’t worry about him, he’s usually like this,” Shinohara gave off a warm smile of reassurance which seemed to settle her muddled mind. Her tense shoulders slackened a little, she peered at the Dove curiously, why of all people would they want to speak to her? Out of all the people Yoshimura should be the one in questioning, was it that slip up early? Or is it because she looked as though to have more ties to Kaneki? So much was going through her head that it became unclear of that was really happening here. But…this could be her chance to find out more to where Kaneki’s location is, maybe if she stuck around a little more she could find Kaneki and bring him back.

A fading smile appeared in her mind, it was Kaneki, the old Kaneki, the goofy klutz who didn’t know how to pour a cup of coffee right and always had his nose in the books. That gentle face, the black hair framing his feature to make his look childlike, the nerdy clothing of choice he wore and the slight slouch of his lean body. It was fading, he was slowly becoming unrecognisable to her, she didn’t want to lose that, she clung to that image like it was her lifeline. She must find him, he was still there, but she knew her naivety would break her at some point, she didn’t understand what an impact he made on her. Why did she care so much about him? Because he was apart of Anteiku, he was family, its not the same without him.

Moments later they reached CCG Headquarters, Touka felt as though she was in unknown lands, her enemies were everywhere, like dogs waiting for their prey to show the slightest hint of fear or turn their backs on them ready to pounce. She so badly wanted out, she felt so vulnerable out here, no matter how many platinum armours she wears, the enemy could easily take it down. She subconsciously rubbed her forearm, her face was placid however so nothing looked out of the ordinary, except for one…

“You look really nervous, why is that?” spoke out the annoying brat aka Juzo, Touka shot him a hard stare, why couldn’t he keep his chops shut for once. But since he could “tell” if someone was lying, she would have no choice but to keep her mouth shut until she is far and I mean FAR away from him.

Seeing the front lobby, memories flooded back when Kaneki was still around, they disguised as students to get into on Hinami and hoped to change the description on her, that was so long ago now. She even remembered the same lady who even spoke to them, she could see her now tending to other victims in the corner, a child could be seen crying, whimpering and calling out for his mum. Pain struck to the heart for Touka, remembering the days her and Ayato when in the same situation, but back then they had no one to comfort them except each other, life was hard back then, for ghouls it was never an easy life, they were always on the run, they were harshly mistreated and shunned upon. But then sooner or later Ayato grew more hatred for humans and left her, he didn’t want to be near someone who admired humans. Touka tore her eyes away, but the screaming filled her ears, she could hear the other kid asking where their mum was, having no clue what was going on and what has happened.

They walked quietly through a narrow hallway. Investigators here and there walked by, minding their own business, though there were some that greeting Shinohara and Juzo, giving her and a second glance and walking off. Then they stopped in from of a door, the tall man turned and faced Touka. “This is the interrogation room, but do not worry we are only here to ask some questions, plus no one will bother us in here.” He asked. When the door opened the room was dark and void, only a single table and three chairs were in the centre of the room. on the left side of the room displayed a big glass window, though she wasn’t stupid, it’s a special window the investigator can observe the victims or suspects, she eyed it warily.

“Don’t worry no one is behind it,” Shinohara said, as if he read her mind. Touka trusted him enough to believe what he said and nodded. She walked over to the single chair on the right, but the other two chair she looked at questioningly, she looked back at the two Doves. “Were you expecting just me? If this was a very serious situation I would keep Juzo at the lobby but I think its fine for him to join, do you have a problem with that?” Yes of course she had a problem, the white haired brat unnerved her out too much, but it would look suspicious if she said it did.

“No I’m perfectly fine with it,” she gave off a fake smile. She sat down and took a deep breath, she needed to show there was nothing wrong, so that she could throw them off and be done with this place. The two Doves sat down across from her.

“Okay Touka, lets begin. 

Hoped you guys liked this chapter! Brookestar out...

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