No where to hide

Kaneki is gone, Touka has joined the Doves undercover to find him. Will she find him in time before its too late, will a certain someone prevent her from doing so, read and find out!


1. Mistake

She laid there in a daze, still comprehending on what has happened. Kaneki…blood, Ayato…Aogiri. She couldn’t get her head around it. She slowly brought herself up from the couch, a quilt slipped from her body, when was that there? She thought in confusion. She shrugged it off and stood up, stretching her aching muscles and cracking her back. It was 8:00am in the morning, a bit early in her opinion. Walking up to the concealed window, she pulled back the blinds and rays of sunlight poured in, illuminating the room. Too bright she staggered slightly from the blinding light and sat back on the couch again.

“Morning Touka,” A sweet childish voice spoke out aloud. Touka looked over her shoulder to see Hinami standing by the door with a cute cheeky smile on her face; this caused Touka to raise a dark eyebrow at this but smiled in greeting.

“Why so cheery today Hinami?” she asked the bubbly girl.

“Oh it just a love day that’s all,” she hummed and walked to the table where a book laid. She picked it up. “My favourite author is in town again today so I want to get another signage from her!” she hugged the book to her chest as if it would fly away.

“Do you want me to company you this time?” Touka asked, this time feeling anxious to get out of waiter today, but to het dismay Hinami shook her head.

“Oh I want to go by myself, I’m a big girl now, and besides you have a lot of study to do today, not to mention work.” This made Touka sigh, but smiled sadly.

“Just be care-” She was interrupted when Hinami quickly excused herself and rushed out of the room, obviously she knows what Touka was going to say. She heaved and flopped lazily back on the couch, today was not her day, the sun just made her more depressed, exams were tomorrow and she had to cram in a lot of studying today. She hoped that work wouldn’t be busy today, a nice quiet and stress free day was what she needed at the moment. With that in mind, newfound motivation coursed through her veins and she stood up with so much momentum, pumping her fist in the air, she strode to her room and changed into her waitress clothes.

The streets were usually very packed and busy in the mornings, people getting ready for work or taking their children to school, to Touka it was just a normal day. Up ahead she could see Anteiku…Anteiku was like a home to her, though she never had a real place called home, the coffee shop was close to it and it always brought a smile to her face every time, though she would never admit it. As she reached the front entrance, something was off, a unpleasant smell to be exact, her hand hovered around the door knob but did not move an inch in opening it. What was this smell? It smelled like Doves…

The door swung opened startling Touka, she drew back to see Yoshimura facing her with slight concern. It was a face of worried which she saw when she got the new that Kaneki was taken, her heart began thumping loudly in her chest. What was going on? She thought. Yoshimura turned and pulled a convincing smile to two figures. Touka walked in and her eyes just a tad widened, it was the Doves. One of them appeared to be a tall man in a grey suit, a suitcase leaning again his right leg, the other was a scrawny boy? Was it a boy? He had white shaggy hair with red pins clipped in and strange red thread sown into his arm, neck, lips and under his right eye. He didn’t look professional compared to the other one.

“Ah Mr Shinohara, this is another one of my employers Touka,” Yoshimura said in a professional but warm voice. She looked at the said man, she gave a small bow and pulled a tight smile. The Doves seemed pleased with this response and gave his own greetings.

“Miss, what relations do you have with Kaneki Ken?” straight forward and to the point, thought Touka, she wasn’t really that surprised actually to have a question like that thrown at her, but it was insensitive to say the least, if this Shinohara knew that Kaneki worked here and disappeared, of course it would a inappropriate thing to say, but since they didn’t know how close or what relationships everyone had with Kaneki, it was their jobs to find out, and to that she would have to lie.

“Kaneki? He was more of an acquaintance than a friend or anything of the sort sir,” Touka replied, her smile twitching ever so slightly, out of the corner of her eye the second Dove kept staring at her, it wasn’t a pleasant stare either, it unnerved her like he is looking right into her soul.

He giggled, “I hear a bit of hesitance in your voice,” he bluntly pointed the obvious, a sinister smile played across his lips as he points accusingly at Touka, who was flabbergast but this. How did he know? She did start the sentence a bit hesitant, but it was easily unnoticeable, but for some reason this…this boy saw right through it. The exchange brought a raised eyebrow on Shinohara’s face, he looked over at Touka warily now. This is definitely not good for Touka, even the slightest mistake will get you in big trouble, and she was careless enough to do it.

“Maybe further questioning should be taking up to the CCG, Is that not a problem Yoshimura?” investigator Shinohara asked. The elder man smiled and gave a nodded.

“Not at all, but first let me get Touka to change, a don’t think it would be appealing to her to be dressed in something like that now.” Touka didn’t know what was going on, was Yoshimura going to bail her out somehow, no the Doves knew her identify now, what was the old geezer up to?

“No of course, we will wait outside, come on Juzo, Thankyou for the coffee Mr Yoshimura, it was very refreshing.” They took their coats and walked outside, the moment the doors closed, Yoshimura took Touka arm and pulled her up the stair, the confused girl had no idea what was happening or how to ask what he was up to. They walked in his office and he walked to is desk, opening the top draw and pulling out a small vile with greenish liquid inside.

“Take this Touka, it will supress your RC for a limited amount of time, that was you can get in and out of headquarters undetected, I advice you to be very careful around them, Especially the young investigator, he might not look it but he has a very sharp observance,” Touka gave a nod and drowned the bottle down, a tangy slightly disgusting taste stuck to her tongue and she gave an unpleasant shiver.

“Okay, I’m ready to go.” 

Haha Hey guys new story, A big Tokyo Ghoul fan here deciding to write up a story xD Hope you like, if you don't understand whats going one, read the Manga or watch the Anime first. Sorry if there's some mistakes.

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