Blood and Water

Just a short story to try my hand at gore and to enter into the Halloween competition.


1. Blood and Water

"Blood is thicker than water you know?" The girl cooed as she took a knife in her hand and grinned at the male she presently had tied to a chair. She spun it around a few times in a display of amused contemplation as she pondered what to do with him. The idea that found it's way into her mind caused her to smirk. "How about I show you hmm?" In one swift movement, she had sliced across his chest and delicate beads of blood now graced the edge of her blade, his once white shirt now stained crimson as he let out a muffled cry. "Want a closer look?" No answer was needed as the girl stabbed the male in his eye with the already tainted blade. He writhed in pain, his anguished vocalisations escaping him only to be dampened by the cloth that served as a gag. Red tears slipped down his cheek in a constant flow, the knife still resting in it's new found sheath. "Told you so." the girl giggled."It tastes different from water too. Let me boil some up for you." She held a glass just under his chin, letting the bloody tears gather in it, before she disappeared upstairs. Minutes later, she returned, having traded the glass for a small pot, it's contents steaming. The man knew what was coming. His own blood burned him as she removed the gag and forced it down his throat. He screamed, pure agony filling him as his insides were seared by the crimson drink she had supplied him with. Unable to stand it any longer, he passed out. "Silly boy." The girl mused, grasping his chin lightly. "I told you not to go downstairs." and with that, she turned away and left the room, heading back upstairs and locking the basement door behind her. Her doorbell rang and she sighed, picking up the bowl of candy that she'd left on the table before heading to the front door and opening it, a wide grin making it's way onto her face. "Trick or treat!" The children outside her door exclaimed. "Aww don't you all look amazing!" The female complimented, holding out the candy so they could choose what they wanted. "I like you're costume too miss." One of the children told her, gesturing to her bloodied white dress. "Thank you." She smiled. "I do my best to look authentic." 

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