Underneath The Charm

Charm is a tomboy girl that falls for a guy named Sphere who constantly got in trouble with his old group of friends until something tragic happened resulting them to split up and never speak of what happened ever again. Charm being the new girl in town has to go through hell to figure out what happened with Sphere and his dark past.


1. Moving in, Sleeping Out

"Hey Diary, It's me again..Here we are in this fucked up apartment with a abusive stepdad and a no balls having mom. I-I shouldn't say that, sorry mom. 

I recently turned 15 and I already feel like my world is falling apart ! To make things even more fucked up my moms trying to have me wear something 'special' for my first day at Trig High School..not that I'm crying about it, but I'm no normal kind of special "

My mom knocks on the door , "Charm can you please come out you been in there since this morning its 5:00 p.m now" She complained. I've already been avoiding her from the argument we had the other night still surprisingly she puts on a good act pretending as if nothing ever happened. I close my diary and walk slowly to the door opening it enough for my mom to have some what of a look at my face. "I told you I'm unpacking my room" calmly I responded. My mom wasn't taking my bullshit lies and she began ranting on about "Teens should talk more to their parents" and somehow led to "Are you having safe sex?" after a couple seconds I tuned her out only imagining my first day going to Trig High School. 

It was around 8 p.m when I really begun unpacking and organizing things around my room before I realized the time and hurried in the shower. While the water massaged my cold pale skin I pictured my new classrooms and peers only to remember how much I don't like people whatsoever and continued with my shower with a clear mind. I hear my mom calling my name through my cracked door which leads into my bedroom, "ugh" I thought to myself . After the shower I had no choice but to listen to my mom talk about last nights argument and about how I was wrong for whatever I did or said because "She's the parent and I'm the child" type bullshit, but eventually she quiet down and I went back to my room preparing what I would wear for tomorrow's first day of school and also the first day of a fresh start.

BEEP BEEP BEEP ! my alarm yelling at me for me to get up, "5 more minutes" I convince myself before shutting off the annoying sound of misery. 5 minutes turned into another hour and I was finally yelled at by my mom to get my ass up and get ready for school. "Charm breakfast will be ready for you when your done" My mom said. She walked out my room and into the kitchen like she did every morning no matter where we lived. I slowly rolled over to see a outfit already laid out for me on my desk, "So not wearing that!" I said to myself irritated. When I got up on my feet I walked over to my tan suit case that had all my lame clothes in them and started digging for the basic needs for survival and warmth, but little style.  Then around the time it was for me to get on the bus stop I had on boots, A loose sweater and black leggings ready to get the day over with and be back in the comfort of my room and diary. 

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