every one panic! i think iam in love

shy hayley loves panic at the disco she owns every cd to every band tshirt she could ever find but what happens one night when fianly gets to see them in concert, is love or is it just one night fling?


1. the start



Haley couldn't believe it, what she held in her small hold was more then just a regular eighteen birthday present it was more then anything she could fathom.
she had look over before she could catch any air it was to true for her she wanted the tickets but couldnt afford them she stressed and moaned and groaned about not being able to with Emma, a good friend of hers since freshmen year of highschool but emma had one the ticket she had one it over a punk/alernative radio station fairly well known of the crowd of her dorm in collage.

"i have to call Emma" she felt her heart almost skip a thousand paces, she should calm down ow before she dies of over enthusaism, she ripped her small phone being in collage and all hayley wasnt in with technology just one class had drained her already thin wallet and future checks so she carried around a small out of date frumpy samsung, it decorated in age and cracks and shards of glass cracked over her small screen, as much shit she got for it she didnt mind it all even of the camera was cloudy and the pictures came out blurry you could barelt recongize the photos it made hayley feel differnt from those who where with the times.

emma almost right away, hayley squealed internally she could feel the icket grow moist and wrinkly from her constant tight hold.
"hey" emma said in suspion rarely did the two call eachother unless it was a ermergency, now hayley felt like a fourteen yearr old she was jumping up in down esatic she waited all her life for this, he had the bands cds to every single shirt of them she could think of emma was in the band fangroup too but not like hayley, she was to deep in the fandom hole there was no way out.

"i got it" hayley pratically screeched.



" i got the tickets, the good ones emma iam gonna go see it with you" hayley felt her face grow exicted she could barely keep up.


"brendon urie" she pratically melted at his name "here we come"



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