One word

One word changes Draco Malfoys life forever


3. The first morning

                          Draco was awoken by someone shaking shoulder, and looked up to find no other than Harry Potter looking down at him. He was confused for a second, and then remembered that he was sorted into Gryffindor. The worst possible house.

     "Your gonna be late to breakfast." Potter told him, giving him a small smiled. Draco groaned and rolled over. Harry left the room, so Draco got dressed. He put on a set of robes without his house emblem, still not excepting his new house. 

           He wandered down to the great hall, and sat in the nearest open sea, not noticing who surrounded him. 

    "Oh look, Malfoy the Lion emerges from his slumber!" A voice ran out. Draco looked up to see that he was sitting across from the weasley twins. Harry and the other Weasley along with the Granger girl to the right. Draco sent them a glare before taking a waffle and nibbling on it.  

 Then the mail arrived. Much to his surprise, there wasnt a howler waiting in store for him. In fact, there was nothing at all. 








((AN: Heh.... So um... Hi? I know, I know, Ive been gone for a little more than a while. But, I return! I mostly forgot where I was going with this story, so if you guys have any ideas leave a comment and ill consider it. =) ))

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