The Inn

Is it really a good idea to go somewhere you know is dangerous? You decide.


2. The Inn Keeper

The room was small, there were cracks in the walls, the sound of running water in the distance, and a small reception desk to the right. Behind it, there was a hallway that led into darkness. Ben pulled out his phone and took a picture of the place for proof. Ben noticed a rack full of keys behind the desk, "wow, this place is very popular." Ben turned to leave when a man walked in. He was tall and very thin, his eyes were sunken and he looked as though he was a walking skeleton. His long black hair barely covered his stormy eyes, "Welcome, I have room 37 ready for you." he walked up to Ben and gripped his ice cold fingers behind his neck and started guiding him toward the dark hallway. "No- I-" Ben could barely breathe, this man did not look capable to have such an iron grip. The man had grabbed a key, it was one of three keys taken. He unlocked a faded green door and walked him in. "Enjoy your stay..." the man stared into Ben's very soul, then he walked out. Ben heard the door lock behind him, but he still checked to see if it was unlocked; he was out of luck. 

Ben ran to the window, Brady was pacing back and forth while Zeke was reading the paper with a face full of fear. Ben put his hands through the bars and opened the window,"pppsstt, guys!" Brady and Zeke snuck over to his window. "Guys, he locked me in a room" Ben was trying hard to keep his voice steady. "We should call the police-" Zeke called up. "Shhhh" Brady interrupted, "we can't, there is no reception." 

"Then leave the area and come back after you have called the police!" Ben yelled down. 

"We can't, while you were in there, someone went out and locked the gate... We are trapped." Zeke said quietly. There was silence for a moment until Brady spoke up, "I found this weeks newspaper on the floor while we were waiting... Three people have gone missing," 

"What does that have to do with our situation? Are you trying to freak us out?" Zeke yelled. Steve's face went pale and he cleared his voice, "The inn keeper is the lead suspect." Ben turned toward the door trying not to get emotional, "you guys need to climb the fence and get out of here, now." 

"We can't," Brady said. 

"Why not?" he snapped.

"The fence is too tall and it rained the other day so it is slippery,"  

Ben looked out the window trying to think of a solution when he saw something in the shadows of the setting sun, it was the innkeeper. 

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