The Inn

Is it really a good idea to go somewhere you know is dangerous? You decide.


4. The End

Ben heard a loud thud, then footsteps. A door creaked somewhere close by, another scream. "Pull off the vent cover already!!" Brady yelled to the other boys. Ben tugged off the vent cap and gasped. The vent shaft had been blocked by iron bars. That is why the shaft looked new, it had been barred from the inside. The boys yelped from the other side of the wall, they had seen the bars too. "What are we going to do?" Ben yelled. 

"Did you even think to check if the shaft was empty before you made your dumb plan?!" Zeke yelled. 

"We didn't have any time to waste, what if it took too long to get off. Or what if the innkeeper walked-" before Ben could finish his sentence, a door creaked open. He whipped around, it wasn't his. But the sound was so close, it was almost as if... He heard footsteps and the cock of a gun. His friends screamed, there were thuds, footsteps, yells. The sound of gunshots filled the room. Two thuds sounded from next door, then silence. "No, no, no, no, this isn't happening, this isn't happening" Ben grabbed his hair and mumbled as he frantically looked for somewhere to hide. Tears blurred his vision, he backed against the wall and slid to the floor. His door slowly creaked open, a sob escaped from his mouth as the lights flickered off. There was one loud bang, and Ben was never seen again. 

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