The Inn

Is it really a good idea to go somewhere you know is dangerous? You decide.


1. I dare you

"It's a dare, you have to do it!" said Zander. 

"Come on Ben, it's halloween! Also, it's only for one night anyway." piped in Brady. 

"Fine, fine. I'll do it, but only for the night; on the brink of dawn I will be out of that place," Ben fell into peer pressure. He had been dared to stay the night at the run down inn downtown. As Ben walked, he felt like someone had just punched him in the stomach. As the ivy covered inn came into view, Ben examined the cracked cement as he walked. He took a deep breath and turned his back on his friends. As he did Zander said, "Dude, don't do it, we take the dare back. It's actually dangerous man..." 

Ben thought back to the night before when they were having a sleepover the previous night. Brady had told them about the history of that inn. Years ag, the inn keeper got charged with assault on his wife and a visitor who had come to stay in his inn. He had gone to jail, but his son continued the inn keeping.  Ben shouldered his pack and walked to the door. He looked back at his friends again, they were telling him to come back. "Chill guys, I'm just gonna look inside." Ben walked through the broken doors. As he walked in, a bell rung softly above the door. Apparently, years ago, the inn was the most popular in town. There was a large faded marble staircase that looked like it could have been very nice, but that must have been hundreds of years ago. There were no hallways, just the stairs. Ben walked up the stairs, he heard his steps echo as we went. He only walked into the place so he couldn't get teased about not doing the dare after the event had passed. At the top of the staircase, there was one old door, an old light flickered above his head. Then, he turned the rusted metal knob. 


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