I'm A Lost Girl From Neverland

Flora Wendy Williams is daughter of Wendy Moira Angela Darlings. She has been hated in her world and wants to go to Neverland. What happens when she decides that she likes it there? Will she come back? Or stay in Neverland?


1. I Am A Lost Girl

Chapter One:

I’m A Lost Girl


    Flora Wendy Williams is daughter of the well known Wendy Moira Angela Darling and quiet Danny Roberts Williams. Many times have Flora heard of Neverland from her mother. Although Flora’s father disapproved of her imagination. Countless times has Flora tried to fly and end up crashing down. Only the last time Flora had tried to fly she ended up crashing on her father’s project for work. Being in her room she overheard her father telling her mother that he was sending her to the U.S.A for boarding school. Not wanting to go Flora packed her bag with food 2 pairs of clothes and water. Saying goodbye to everything like her mother did, they all lived in Wendy’s house, she sat on the window staring at the 2nd star.


    Closing her eyes and whispering to herself, ‘i do believe in fairies’. She saw a figure fly towards her along with a golden spark by them. The figure landed and watched Flora whisper to herself. That figure was Peter Pan, he had not changed one bit, dirty blonde wild hair, mischievous smile, and young light blue eyes. Finally Flora stopped whispering and cracked open her eyes to see Peter Pan.

“Who are you?” Flora asked even though she had a little thought. Wendy had fondly spoken of Peter and said that he would take people to Neverland with Tinkerbell.


“Who are you?” Peter asked with the air of curiosity.

“Flora Wendy Williams” Flora said with a polite voice she only used with grown-ups.

“Peter, Peter Pan.” Flora smiled and knew where this was going.

“You’re taking me away, right? Away from reality and from this place.” Flora gestured around her room that once held the many children from Neverland.

“If you wish.” Peter said simply.

“Would you like to speak to my mother?” Flora asked stalling for time.

“If she wishes.” Flora went to get her mother and came back with Wendy. At the sight of Peter Pan, Wendy stopped and cautiously approached him.

“Who are you?” Wendy asked, knowing the answer.

“Peter Pan, and you?”

“Wendy Moira Angela Darling” Peter’s eyes bugged a little and he acted like he never knew her.


“Nice to meet you Wendy, I knew a Wendy a while ago, never saw her ever since she wished to come back.” Flora’s mother looked like she wanted to say more.

“I’m going to go talk to your father Flora, stay here and wait for him to come.” With that Wendy left and let Flora and Peter stay there.

“We can go now Peter.” Peter raised his eyebrow and then his mischievous attitude came back.

“I’ll teach you how to fly Flora! Just close your eyes and think of happy thoughts!” Flora closed her eyes and thought of going away and felt herself moving up. She gave Peter a smile and let him lead her to Neverland, Tink followed with a bad attitude. ‘Just like her mother’ Tink thought and started to plot on how to get rid of her.


    Flora soared through the air with Peter and watched everything. Peter watched Flora with an interesting look. He knew about feelings and only knew that his first feelings were for Wendy, he knew that she would return just as Wendy has. Flora looked up and saw her old school and flashes of everyone bullying her flashed through her eyes. Peter saw Flora’s eyes turn hard at that and she flew even faster above the school. Flying he waited for her to stop.


“Peter where is Neverland?” Flora asked Peter Pan with a hidden smile on her face.

Second star to the right, and straight on till morning” Peter Pan said just like he said to Wendy.

“Gee you’re sooo helpful!” Flora said sarcastically. Peter looked away and looked for the second star.

“Thanks now hold my hand, we’re almost there.” Flora held his hand and stared up ahead, looking for Neverland.

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