Angel and Monster

Linda and Michel were lost in their own world of love,promises and secret meetings when suddenly Peter entered their world devastating their world!


3. Unimaginable

Inside the car,Linda was almost getting suffocated with the cigarette smoke hat had engulfed the entire car .As she started coughing Peter realized her discomfort and quickly opened the window glass of the front seat where she was sitting.As the car moved out of the parking space,Linda was still in a state of shock and disgust for the man who was driving her to nowhere she knew about!"Pete,what are you up to and what the hell are you doing in my life again?"Linda asked with all anger on her face and expressions."Hold on,Lins.Ill explain to you everything but for now just keep cool and tell me of a nearby restaurant where we can sit and talk and I'm also feeling grubby!" "What the hell,Pete I've got to go home now. My parents will soon start calling and get worried.If you want to really help me, you must drop me home now.Look,take the first left and then at the end of the road,take a right,and after two stops you will see this Mexican Hotel and opposite to that is my building." She quickly told him her address in one single breath as she did not want to sit for long in his car.She wanted to breathe fresh air of liberty which she enjoyed only with Michel! Peter followed her instructions but as he halted the car at the Mexican Hotel, he caught her hand and said,"I wanted to tell you many things but you don't have time for me.As i have always loved you I'm letting you go now but tell me when do i meet you and have a lunch or dinner with you" Linda looked puzzled and remarked" I'll call you and tell you my tomorrow's program but let me go now" Saying so she tried to loosen his grip over her hand but he didn't seem to be interested in leaving her hand,.'Please,Lins please don't leave me again." Again the same pleading voice ,again the same loving eyes again the same touch!Linda had taken years to forget him and now when she had erased him from her memory for good,he was back again,interfering in her love life ,a peaceful life with Michel who was true to her every bit as she was to him. 'Ok let me go now" Saying so she tried to pull her hand out from his hand but before she knew he had his lips on her palms as he let her hand slip from his. Linda did not feel any shivers as she would feel earlier when he planted a kiss on her palm every time they parted. Instead she was simply getting furious and cursing herself to go to the bus stop for Michel. How she longed to tell Michel about all this that had happened to her since evening.She left Peter and marched towards her home,first time relieved to see lights in the balcony as her parents waited for her safe return.


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