Angel and Monster

Linda and Michel were lost in their own world of love,promises and secret meetings when suddenly Peter entered their world devastating their world!


1. The Wait

     Linda sipped her fifth cup of coffee as she sat in the cafeteria waiting for Michel to join her.In fact this was their regular routine every week to catch up with all that had happened for the week with them.Both met in a college function and had got attracted to each other at the very first sight.It was Shelly who had introduced Michel to Linda as her distant cousin and when they shook hands,their bodies knew they were made for each other! While Michel sported a cute smile on his small face and carried a lanky figure,Linda had curls and green eyes on a fair complexioned face that attracted many.That night when they were first introduced to each other at the annual gathering,Michel had offered a drop to Linda back home and Shelly and Linda readily agreed.While Shelly was dropped earlier to her destination,Linda was asked to join him in the front seat.And when she tried to put the music on in the car,Michel brushed her hand to adjust the volume and both had once again melted in each others hands!What was the magic none of them knew except that they both liked it.And it only made them want each other more.And then Michel sensing her desperateness as well did the daring of requesting a kiss and stopped the car sideways.Linda did not know what was happening and she soon found her lips locked in his and they kissed each other as forlorn lovers meeting after ages.

Now as Linda remembered all those past few months experiences,she was getting excited once again and eager to meet him.She had lots to tell him.How her parents were forcing her to pursue a course she never had a liking for,how her cousin sister had confided her plan of eloping with her lover and how the college rowdy gang had passed a luring remark at her and Sam,her classmate had shielded her by getting into a ruffle with those boys.She knew Michel would listen to all her stories patiently but Sam's daring would not be taken very sportingly.'Eeks,that dumb fellow! What a bore he is.How can you stand him Linda?'Michel would surely say.

As there was no sign of Michel yet,Linda thought of leaving the place and returning home as Michel would soon catch up with her at the bus stop.

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