Angel and Monster

Linda and Michel were lost in their own world of love,promises and secret meetings when suddenly Peter entered their world devastating their world!


2. The Shock

When Linda walked to the bus stop ,little did ske know that she had walked into her nightmare.There was a car flashing lights which she assumed to be Michel waiting for her but it was not him.As she lost interest in the stranger car,her thoughts again wandered and she was getting anxious now for Michel.She wished and longed for his touch and care.Linda just wanted to hop in his car and wanted to lock herself in his arms and kisses.She looked at the watch and became aware that it was getting dark.Late enough for her parents to get worried and to ask for clarification as to what kept her out so late.

She was dreading the thought of going home without meeting Michel. She wanted to be caressed by him and loved like they were meeting for the first time.Again it would be the same boring parents with their wishes imposed on her,as she was their only child.She had always longed for a a sister to share her thoughts. As she was thinking about her home ,some body called out her name from the car.A very distantly familiar voice echoed through her ears.'Lins' 'Somebody was calling her.Before she had time to think further,Peter walked out of the car pulled her into the car and before she could come out of the shock,she was in Peter's car!Peter?What the hell was he doing here?How dare he come back in her life?She had detested him the same moment when she knew he had played with her feelings and he had affairs with many other girls while she had built her whole life story with him!And now once again she was sitting with him in his car while she had longed to be in Michel's arms!

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