Angel and Monster

Linda and Michel were lost in their own world of love,promises and secret meetings when suddenly Peter entered their world devastating their world!


4. The Mistake

As Linda changed into her regular gown,she looked at the beautiful dress that she had worn for the beautiful evening she had planned to have with Michel.How romantic it was with frills and low cuts only for Michel as it was his favourite colour and pattern.And how someone else had admired her instead of Michel! As she remembered Peter's glances all over her in the car whenever he turned to talk to her.She remembered all evening incidences and an air of disgust flowed through her.

Later amidst her parents' fights over her career choice and a dragging dinner,she forgot her outside world for sometime.But one question that bothered her was what was wrong with Michel and where was he the whole evening.She had tried to contact him several times since evening but every time his phone gave a not reachable message.She thought of talking to his sister who was working in a bank but wanted to avoid it because his sister,Maria never showed any liking for Linda! She had often heard Michel using bad language for his sister whenever she spoke ill of Linda.But today she had to find out the reason for Michel's no response.She was about to call his sister when she saw Michel's call on her mobile screen!Her heart leapt with joy and anxiety as to what she was going to hear from him.And then it was Michel's voice,"Hi my lovely princess,Lins got a very very exciting news to tell you! I have been promoted to the Manager's post and they want me to visit New Zealand for a 2 day seminar on our upcoming project.All this while I've been busy with my new designation formalities and getting acquainted with the new responsibilities........"Michel was saying all this in one breath and Linda was dumbstruck not knowing how to react!

"Michel.I want to share with you someone I met today"Linda was about to say but something made her hold back her words.Her love for Michel was far deeper than all these hurdles.She did not want to spoil his excited mood by her sad story,instead she wanted to rejoice she wanted him to know how equally happy she was for him! "Wow! I knew you could make it to that position.After all you were working so hard for it.You really deserve it and I'm so happy for you.Only i'm a bit sad that we will not be meeting for two days now!"Linda answered and Michel laughed."I knew you would say this!My princess,it is only for two days and then we will have a bright future for our children!"Linda laughed over the phone but in her heart she was weeping.She wanted to be with Michel,in his arms telling him all her problems and getting answers from him.They would sit for hours in the garden,lost in their own world ,engulfed in sorting out each others entangled lives!How she wished those days to return!Michel promised her to meet her the following morning for breakfast at the coffee shop and as Linda put the phone down,suddenly she remembered one big mistake she had made.She had shown Peter her house,where she lived and now this person would have access to all her activities!

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