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You laughed. You joked. You thought how stupid the idea of people in clown costumes terrorizing the public was just one big JOKE. But we were so wrong, I never would’ve seen this coming but I should have seen it coming. The facts, the evidence, the supposed theories on why it exists. No longer will I laugh in a clown’s face. No longer will I mock the stupidity of the world we live in… What if this all was just one big hoax? :/
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2. - 1 - The New World


(Point Of View)



The time is now 6:00 AM, I haven’t managed to catch any sleep since the night started. What started off as just a few news reports, some hooligans trying to scare the public became something that nobody had expected. The police should’ve known something like this was going to happen, the government should’ve taken this more seriously. Thanks to the lack of focus, and the treatment that these reports had been given; we’re all fucked.

I’ve got my younger sister next to me, she’s having to cry herself to sleep after what some edgy teenager had done to our father. He was attacked by the ongoing craze, the clowns that are being spotted all over the freaking world. Granted, it’s not difficult to put a mask on, a little face paint to hide your real face behind it. But when you’ve chosen to not only scare the public, but put them all in danger. That’s a choice that you’ve been given, you don’t have to hurt anyone. What is it about other people wanting to hurt their own kind? Do they enjoy hurting people?

October, and what a time it is to be alive. This month comes around every year with it ending with the true scares. Halloween is the one event that we all secretly have hatred for. It’s not for the children and how can it be? Creepy masks, ‘trick or treat,’ those words don’t go away. Once you take one look at the calendar in your kitchen, or wherever it may be; you’ll see that the 31st is highlighted for a reason. It’s to remind us of the scares ahead, and whether it’s children in costumes, or teens trying to cause some trouble around the neighbourhood. We all know that the madness comes out in all of us during this time.

Recovery for our father is looking less likely, he’s now in a hospital trying to make himself better. The nurses are giving him full treatment, and he’s suffered some serious head wounds. But the more I think about Halloween, the less likely I want to imagine that night lasting forever. It’s rather me, Liam, or even Alice (can’t sleep due to clowns), that’s her new name. She really can’t catch a peep of sleep, whether the clowns are coming or not. Once you’ve been up and close with a clown you don’t ever want to see another one again. Thank god it only comes once a year; we all need a long time to recover from seeing a face like that.

Heart at a steady pace, I’ve been taking pills trying to get my heart levels to the more sleep-worthy pacing. Then we’ve got the serious matters; my sister suffering from her own nightmares. I’ve made her a blanket out of some of my old clothes. I’ve even put up a tent for us to hide in, it’s just off the coast of where we last witnessed a clown murdering a little boy. I kid you not, these are not ordinary people. These masked hooligans are taking advantages; they’re killing what is left of the system intact. The news reports are going viral, and anyone who’s too afraid to go outside by now is no longer taking this as a joke.

You’ve got your pranksters, your wannabe murderers, and then you’ve got the selfish, sick, and disgusting kind that wish for nothing more than an actual Purge to exist. Whether it’s killing innocent lives, ending what’s left of an already broken family. The pranksters are victims themselves, and the goddamn cops can’t even do their jobs right. They are catching more practical jokers than actual killers. The wrong people are going down for this, and the government are doing what they always do; hide in the shadows.

My brother, Phoenix, he is more productive. Putting together whatever he can find outside the tent. We’ve got our own stockpiles, and you might end up calling this a mini-apocalypse. We’ve had outsiders, yeah, we end up calling them that due to the ever-so-popular TV culture that has developed over the years. These outsiders are rather stealing from us, hurting innocent people for shelter, and some are actually just homeless. We’ve had several nights where a couple has asked for a night in our tent. I never understood why until I witnessed the woman dropping a small package from her handbag by accident.

I covered my sister’s eyes, it wasn’t easy because she was so stubborn. Eventually, I kind of gave into her crying. I know dad wouldn’t have ever told her about this stuff, but if I hadn’t said anything… there’s always a chance that my idiotic brother would fill her in with the answers. It was a pack of condoms, and I still remember the questions she asked. I shudder from just thinking about it. I’m old enough to know these things, and I kind of blame my step-mum for telling me all about these things. She wasn’t one to treat kids like kids, she would always tell me the more adult-themed subjects.

This isn’t easy for us, it’s not even the right time to be spending nights in tents. Halloween is upon us, and there’s the mornings of madness that follow through with every other clown sighting on the records. It’s no longer just one person trying to scare the public with the clown costume. It’s now becoming a viral thing, and even the practical jokers are letting it go to their heads. Just a few weeks back we were all laughing around the television, just thinking how the idea of murderous clowns was a funny thing to be afraid of. It’s like something straight out of a horror movie.

Boy, were we wrong. I should’ve seen it coming, how could I have let something so stupid go over my head? I mean the idiocy where some people will go to find it is outstanding. I’m more amazed with how we now treating it like the beginning of an uprising. It’s being re-enacted as if it was some kind of zombie apocalypse. There’s even fucking conspiracies that follow through with evidence. Some of us just overthink things, but there’s no mistaking the stupidity that some people have in them. Drinking on nights is still a thing, the teens won’t let their nights of fun be spoilt by some midnight clown mayhem.

The latest news report spoke out about the amount of deaths that are going on near the nightclubs. Most being recorded as unknown cause of death, and some just being written off as ‘teens will be teens’ – drinking, driving, whatever the cause of their deaths. The people higher up just don’t want to tell us anything about the facts of the matter here. My older sister is still living life in university. And we’re out here defending ourselves from people in masks. It sounds so stupid, so crazy, not even something that should be taken with any precautions. But would the world still be laughing if this turned out to be one big hoax? 

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