Cross My Heart

This is for the Movellas Halloween Competition. Catherine and Jo have been bestfriends since kindergarten. Summer of 2013 Catherine went on a cruise and drowned, Jo's life has been miserable ever since. The year 2016 Jo decided to make a change in her depressive life, she no longer wants to spend hours cooped up in bed looking at old pictures of Catherine. Her parents decided to have her change schools and to start over again and meet new friends. All goes well until Catherine randomly starts popping up out of nowhere close to Halloween. What will Jo do when her new friends start getting sick from random causes? |Book cover is a public domain image from pic collage I just added the title and my name|


4. Chapter 4- Backstories

-Jo's POV-

"Today we will be discussing and upcoming holiday, Day of the Dead also known as Halloween", Mrs.Pratt said. 

  The class all of a sudden sat up and was drawn into the spooky topic. "Most people think that Halloween is all about candy, and dressing up in silly costumes to go ding dong ditch and beg for candy, but no Halloween actually has some history behind it", she said walking away from the board to her desk.  

 "Now, we all know I'm not one of those teachers who stand at the boards and lecture for hours and hours. Nope, I hate that, so we are going to act the lesson out. I bought a mask, candy, costumes, and Halloween buckets", She said adding on. 
The class was obviously in agreement with her because we all smiled and clapped..overall having a kindergarten teacher wasn't so bad after all. 

  "Okay, we need four people to play as ghosts, three people to play as the Celtics, two people to be housemates. and random people to guests", she said. 

People started to get up and volunteer by putting on masks, costumes or grabbing candy.

    "Now, the Celtics had a festival called "Samhain" where they would light bonfires, and dress up so that they could scare off ghosts and prevent them from coming", Mrs.Pratt said narrating. 

  "But by 800 BC also known as the 8th century,  Pope Gregory III former Bishop of Rome delegated November 1st as a day for all saints and martyrs to be celebrated", she added on. 

  "They named this holiday All Saints Day and it was included in some of  Samhain's traditions, the evening before All Saints Day was known as all Hallows day which is now Halloween", she said stepping back as the students acted out what was going on.

  "Time passed by and Halloween became a nonreligious, kid-friendly event for the community, they served candy as treats instead of wine, grapes, and coins and there was nothing needed in return unlike the past when a song, dance, or poem was usually performed in return", she said throwing candy all over the floor. 

  "and that is the TRUE story of Halloween", we all said in unison as she clapped and turned the lights off.   

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