Cross My Heart

This is for the Movellas Halloween Competition. Catherine and Jo have been bestfriends since kindergarten. Summer of 2013 Catherine went on a cruise and drowned, Jo's life has been miserable ever since. The year 2016 Jo decided to make a change in her depressive life, she no longer wants to spend hours cooped up in bed looking at old pictures of Catherine. Her parents decided to have her change schools and to start over again and meet new friends. All goes well until Catherine randomly starts popping up out of nowhere close to Halloween. What will Jo do when her new friends start getting sick from random causes? |Book cover is a public domain image from pic collage I just added the title and my name|


3. Chapter 3-New Faces

Skip to August-  

-Jo's POV- 

- Today's my first day of school, I wake up at about 6:15am and do my hygiene.

   I unbraid my blonde hair and leave it nice and curly, I head to my closet to pick a totally not dark outfit.

    Light denim blue jeans with a maroon top and a gold necklace. Simple but classy and it shows my personality.   "Ready?", my mom asks walking inside of my room.  

 "I hope so", I say grabbing my book bag, phone, and gum.  

 "Your dad has to go to work so I'm gonna take you to school", she says turning my lights out. 

 "Okay", I say smiling.  

  As we get into the car I begin to think more and more about Catherine. I'm not sure if she would want me to have more friends besides her.

    "Mom", I say looking at her.  

 "Yes hun?", She says stopping at a red light.   

"Do you think Cat would be mad at me for having more friends?", I ask looking at my crystal blue eyes in the mirror.  

 "If you died , would you want Catherine to live a terrible life?", She asked.  

  "Of course not! That's my best friend, I wouldn't dare have her live a depressed life without friends", I say gasping for air shocked about the question. "Exactly JoAnne, do you really think your best friend would be mad at you for being happy?", she asked looking at me. 

   "Thanks, mom, your the best", I say looking at her.    "Yeah, I guess you're alright", she drives off. 

   The whole ride home I stare  at mom and try to see myself through her, was she a depressed teenager in her early life, Does she really have tan skin and freckles, was brown really her hair color? I began to imagine her as a different person then fell asleep.

    "Jo, we're here", she says shaking me.  "Thanks, mom", I say getting out of the car. 

  "Your Welcome, have a good day, and MAKE FRIENDS!", she says sternly.  I smile and shut the door in response. 

   I walk up to the double doors of "Land Bridge High School" and the first thing I smell is breakfast waffles, bacon, egg whites and orange juice. I look around people are talking, catching up to each other, laughing, dancing, and taking pictures. Here I am smelling the air, classical JoAnne I think to myself. 

   I don't go with the name Jo as much as I used to, Catherine gave me the nickname when we were seven and she could never remember the 'Anne' part
The bell rings and students suddenly rush into the double doors,I went from the front of the group to the middle smelling strong colognes, and perfumes. I follow a group of people wondering how they know where to go.  

  "Please head to the MAIN HALL", I hear a deep raspy voice say over the speaker. I follow the crowd once again into a huge room filled with pews and a podium. It resembles a sanctuary but it has a lot of technology. 

 "Good Morning Grizzly Bears", A medium height female with a weak build and a brown bob hairstyle says. 

  "Good Morning", the room says in unison. "You will be getting your schedules today for your classes for this semester, due to reckless behavior issues, you are no longer allowed to leave the campus during the lunch period", she says looking at the wall not making any sort of eye contact with the students.  

  "She's lying, we still go out they can't do anything to stop us", I hear a voice in my ear.  I turn to my left side and see a light skin girl with lilac purple hair that is in a curly braid, slain eyebrows, and a maroon matte lip. "I like your style", I say.   

   "I'm Miranda", she says looking at the woman, "JoAnne", I say looking at her. "Nice name but I think I'll call you Jo", she says.

 This was the same thing that Catherine said to me when we were younger, my body became numb and waves of chills began to take over my body. "Don't let it defeat you", I began to say to myself. 

  "Wow, that's a first", I lied. "Really? That seems like a common nickname someone would give you", Miranda said chewing on a stick of gum.   

I just coughed and remained looking at the woman who just spoke about unruly behavior and the schools past experiences.    After thirty minutes of dozing off the bell finally rang and dismissed us to our classes, my first class was Physics I joined the group of people who piled into the Science theme filled classroom.   

The smell of bleach, cleaning supplies, and old chemicals roamed the room as a tall dark skinned guy with black hair walked up to the classroom.   

PHYSICS: He wrote on the board and circled it. "Define this", he said then walked away.   

I looked around the room looking to follow the crowd once again but no one did anything but groan and complain.  

I reached for a sticky note in my bookbag and wrote:   A branch of science dealing with properties of matter and energy.   

I knew it had something to do with that but I didn't know the exact definition. 

"JoAnne", he said looking down at me.   

I looked up in response without saying anything. "Please read your definition", he adds on. 

"Physics, a branch of science dealing with properties of matter and energy", I say standing up then sitting back down.   

The class continues to be boring for about thirty minutes, I'm really not going to enjoy being in a class with him for first period every day this semester. He didn't even introduce himself to us!   

I took a look at my schedule and my next class was History, I'm not a big fan of times and dates but anything is better than Physics. "Jo!", I hear a voice call out to me.   

I turn around to see Miranda and a group of people gathered around a locker. I walk in their direction and as I get closer and closer her friends start staring at me.

"Hi Miranda!", I  say excitedly.   

"Mhmm, fresh meat?", A tall, light skin guy  with blonde hair and blue eyes says looking down at me.   

I tremble and back into Miranda looking up at him, gosh he's like a creeper on stilts.  

"Calm down, this is Brendon he's a real creep but fun to hang around", Miranda says pushing me off of her.   

@Why'd he call me fresh meat?", I ask nervously.   

"It means new friend", a dark skinned girl with curly thick black hair, and braces says to me. 

"This is Jasmine, in love with everything edible and technology", she says pushing Jasmine towards me.  

"Hey", I say looking at them.   

"So..Halloween Festival  is  coming up, of course, I signed us up as the host because..why not?", A slim, light skinned guy with brown hair, glasses, and a face full of freckles says.   

"What the heck is wrong with you Keyan?", A light skinned girl with black hair and black eyes said in his face. 

"Gosh, sorry Raven! Thought you wanted the extra credit", Keyan said opening his locker. 

"And this is Keyan, super nerdy kid, and Raven, mean gothic girl who LOVES to scare children", Miranda said.   I waved 'Hi" to all of them then opened my locker to get my history stuff. 

"Do we all have history next?", Jasmine asked looking at my books in my hand. They all nod in unison and Brenden jumps up and down in glee hitting his head on the ceiling.   

The bell rings for next period and I just follow them into the class. 

"Welcome to Mrs.Pratts History Class!", A slim, light skinned woman with gray hair pulled up into a bun says. 

"Thanks, Grandma", Raven mumbles under her breath.    Mrs.Pratts room looks like she spent too much time teaching kindergarten. There are soldier figurines everywhere, lollipops on the desk, posters all around. Red, Yellow, and Green Light Behavior Chart for Disobedient, Average, and Excellent and stickers on her desk. 

"Someone thinks we're her daycare kids", Brenden says sitting next to me. "Do you want this lollipop?", Raven says turning around in her chair looking back at me. "If you want it then you can have it", I say staring at the green apple lollipop that was placed on my desk."Great", Raven said snatching it off the desk.  

"Keyan, give me your lollipop", Raven says sticking her hand out looking at Keyan who sat next to her. "No, Raven it's blue and you know I like blue!", Keyan says unwrapping it. "Thanks, Keyan", Raven says grabbing it out of his hands and sticking it into her mouth. "RAVEN!",Keyan yells. "Inside voices please", Mrs.Pratt says pointing to the "Average" light.   

The tardy bell rings and students start piling into the classroom, we took up the 2 back rows so people were forced to stay up in class since the back row was the spot if you wanted to go to sleep.     

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