Cross My Heart

This is for the Movellas Halloween Competition. Catherine and Jo have been bestfriends since kindergarten. Summer of 2013 Catherine went on a cruise and drowned, Jo's life has been miserable ever since. The year 2016 Jo decided to make a change in her depressive life, she no longer wants to spend hours cooped up in bed looking at old pictures of Catherine. Her parents decided to have her change schools and to start over again and meet new friends. All goes well until Catherine randomly starts popping up out of nowhere close to Halloween. What will Jo do when her new friends start getting sick from random causes? |Book cover is a public domain image from pic collage I just added the title and my name|


2. Chapter 2-Changes

-Skip to the year 2016- 

Jo is now 17 years old and has been living a depressed life ever since her best friend died. 

-Jo's POV-

I wake up around 12 in the afternoon since it's summer and I have no plans to do anything. This day I felt different like I was motivated to do something. But that is ridiculous because I Joanne Violet Marie Crenshaw will never be motivated to do anything productive in her life. 

I checked my calendar on my phone to see what day it was, being cooped up in my room blocks me out from life so much sometimes I forget I'm even in a family. "June 25th", I whispered to myself.

This is why I am feeling like I need a change, it has been 3 years since Catherine left me. I have no friends, I spend ninety percent of my life in my room sleeping or reading. 

Why am I feeling like I need to change myself after 3 years? I really don't know honestly. I grab a notebook and start to write notes of what I would like to change 





I look into the mirror and comb my hands through  my jet black greasy hair that I dyed 2 years ago. I was so depressed I took all of the bright things out of my life and everything I owned was black. My heart was even jet black as well, had no cares in the world and didn't  love a single soul. 

I come out of my room surprisingly and go downstairs into the kitchen to see my dad going through some bills. "Good Afternoon", I greet him. 

"Are you okay?", he asks looking up out of his circular glasses.

"It's June 25th dad, three years ago Catherine Windrough died", I say pouring myself some orange juice. '

"Three years ago Joanne Violet Marie Crenshaw became a depressed cold hearted teenager', He said looking into my black contacts. 

"And today Joanne Violet Marie Crenshaw decides to make a change in her life", I say smiling for the first time in years. "Are you serious?", my dad asks smiling.

"Yes dad,  I am tired of sulking and being in bed all day depressed, I have learned that there is nothing I can do about it and that I crying and sulking about it will not help", I say putting my cup in the fridge.

"I'm so proud of you", My dad says with a tear running down his face.

"Thank you", I say smiling again. 

"Get dressed we are going to go get some new clothes and some hair dye, I want to see my baby girl normal again", He says putting the bills down. 

I walk up the steps and go through baskets of clothes trying to find something that isn't black. Everything that isn't black  is either cut up or too small for me.

I put a black tank top on with black denim high waisted jeans, with all black sneakers. 

This is the least depressing outfit I have, all my other outfits have a deep quote somewhere here and there. 

I walk downstairs and wait on the couch for my dad to come downstairs. 

"No spooky black makeup today?", my dad asks looking at my blank eyes that are normally covered in jet black eyeshadow and my tinted pink lips that are normally covered in black matte lipstick. 

"Nope", I say watching TV.

"Let's go", he says turning all the lights off.  

I hop into the front seat of his pickup truck and the first place we go is a clothing store. I get blue jeans, white jeans, bright summer colored tops, colorful sneakers, and jewelry. Everything comes up to about $200 and my dad smiles and swipes his credit card. 

The next stop is the beauty supply store, I get bleach and some facial care products because all of that makeup really brought my acne out.

"Ready to go?", my dad asks once I get back in the car. 

"Yeah", I simply say.

Once we get into the house I get straight into the bathroom and I start bleaching my hair, once I wash the bleach out I start to blow dry it then I flat iron it.

I wash my hands and take my black contacts out and throw them into the trash can, Lastly, I put a 15-minute face mask on that was  supposed to help me out with my skin care problems. 

I put on a bright yellow top with white jeans and neon yellow shoes. 

"Joanne Violet Marie Crenshaw", I say looking at myself in the mirror. 

I walk down the hall in my dad's office where he was enrolling me into a new school to show him the new Jo.

Immediately he looks up and picks me up in tears. "I'm so happy your back", he says hugging me tightly. 

"Just wait until your mom gets home from work, this is going to be a really nice surprise for her", he says letting go of me.

I go into my room and put some of my old stuff back in their bed sheets, curtains, throw pillows, bright posters, and quotes.

I get rid of all of my dark and deep thought filled things and I redo my wardrobe. 

"I'm home", my mom says to my dad.

"Hi mom", I say popping out of the door.

"OH MY JOANNE I MISSED YOU", my mom says hugging me in tears.

"I missed you too mom, its June 25th", I say hugging her. 

"Let's have family dinner", my dad  suggests.

"I'll set the table", I say smiling.

I set the table and mom comes out with plates of food turkey, mac and cheese, spinach, and sweet potato pie that she bought earlier. 

"I found you a new school. you start October 23rd", my dad says. 

"Can't wait", I say biting into my food. 

My parents sit across  from each other exchanging smiles. 

I am a changed person. 

Dear Catherine, 

I changed today, I woke up and remembered it's been three years since you left me. I decided to stop living such a dark unloving  life. I know  you wouldn't want your best friend to be sad. I am starting a new school on Monday. I'm going to meet some new friends, I cross my heart, hope to die stick a needle in my eye that none of them will be my best friend more than you. 

I love you. 



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