Cross My Heart

This is for the Movellas Halloween Competition. Catherine and Jo have been bestfriends since kindergarten. Summer of 2013 Catherine went on a cruise and drowned, Jo's life has been miserable ever since. The year 2016 Jo decided to make a change in her depressive life, she no longer wants to spend hours cooped up in bed looking at old pictures of Catherine. Her parents decided to have her change schools and to start over again and meet new friends. All goes well until Catherine randomly starts popping up out of nowhere close to Halloween. What will Jo do when her new friends start getting sick from random causes? |Book cover is a public domain image from pic collage I just added the title and my name|


1. Chapter 1- Flashbacks

~Flashback Year 2013~  

~Jo's POV~  

"Jo, we've been best friends ever since kindergarten can you believe that?", Catherine says combing her hands through her jet black hair as she flickers the remote. 

"Sleepovers every weekend, matching best friend necklaces, similar outfits, fetus selfies from the photo booth", Of course I can believe that I say reaching into the bowl of popcorn we popped earlier.   

"And imagine how many people tried to convince us to not be friends", She responded still scrolling through stations.   

"We've come a long way", I said smiling , Catherine Elise Windrough is the best best friend in the whole entire universe, and I'm glad to call her my one and only best friend.   

Yeah, Jo..even if we do move to separate schools, promise me you will NOT have any other best friends", Cat said looking up at me from the carpet to my bed which I was laying on. 

"I promise", I said grinning from ear to ear.   

"Wait no! This has to be official", Cat said jumping on my bed spilling some of the popcorn.   

"CAT! You're spilling the popcorn with the most butter", I said holding the bowl in my arms.   

"Okay, cross your heart, hope to die..stick a needle in your eye", Catherine said looking her hazelnut brown eyes into my crystal blue ones.   

"Are you serious, this is from like 4th grade we're freshman now", I say laughing hysterically.  

"Yes, it's something we would always do when we were younger", Cat said seriously.   

"Fine..cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye", I say raising my hand.   

"Good", Cat said hugging me.   

"I'm gonna miss you when you go on that cruise", I say forming a sad face.   "Me too, I told you to come", she said getting up reaching for my album book with old pictures of us in it.    "You know I'm hydrophobic", I say putting the popcorn up. 

-Skip to the next month-     

June 24th, 2013-  

-Cat's POV-  

"On this cruise now, see you in 14 days bestie", I say calling Jo.   

"I will miss you", Jo said as I hung up the phone due to wifi causes. 

"We are about to get ready to depart for the Bahamas please head to your cabins", A deep voice said over the speaker.    I turned my phone off since there would be no wifi in the middle of the ocean.   

"Logging off", My parents say as I walk with them to our cabins.   

"Yep", I respond.   Wish me luck!      

-Jo's POV-   

My first night without being on the phone with Cat, or even texting her was devastating. I spent hours cuddling with my teddy bear she got me for Valentines Day and watching our old vlogs that we just made for the sake of watching in the future.    It was too sad and depressing to stay up so I just went to sleep, "Come back soon", I whispered as I looked out of the window.   

I woke up the next morning to nothing but silence which was abnormal because my parents are always usually making some type of noise.   

I walk downstairs guessing they were sleeping but instead they were sitting on the couch hugging each other crying.

"Mom?", I question looking at her puffy red eyes

"Dad!", I said staring at his wet cheeks.   

What could have possibly happened that caused both of my parents to cry their eyes out at 9:16 in the morning on a Saturday?  

"What happened", I asked walking closer to them looking at all of the crumpled up tissues on the coffee table. "Catherine left us", Dad said causing mom to sob.

"Okay guys, I know she's in the middle of the ocean but she's coming back in 13 days, I'm her best friend and I'm not this emotional", I said moving the tissues off of the table. 

"Joanne, sit down", my mom said sitting up out of my dads' arms.  

I sat down on the brown leather couch across from them and stared at them wondering if they knew how ridiculous they looked at the moment."The boss of The Cruise Company called us at 7:30 this morning, she told us that plenty of ships got stuck out in a deadly area with no bottom and that Catherine Windrough and her parents were one of the ones who didn't survive", My mom said getting sensitive. 

"Catherine Windrough didn't survive" replayed in my head four hundred times as I tried to process what my mom was saying. Yeah right, she died on the first day of her vacation, I remember these pranks they always play on me...NOT FALLING FOR IT THIS TIME!   

"Yeah right, your jokes are just wasted fifty tissues for no reason, once again prank FAILED! That gives Jo five and her parents zero!", I say getting up and walking to the fridge.   '

"Joanna Violet Marie Crenshaw, Catherine Elise Windrough, Helen Emilia Windrough, and Mathias Brock Windrough have passed away on June 25th, 2013 at 7:15 am!", my dad said sternly, That's exactly when it clicked, my best friend died on a cruise, I am friendless, I have no life. My subconscious thoughts took control of me and the last thing I remember is my mind went blank.    

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