A High School Story

You just have to read. (Not fully edited)


1. Character Description

Louie Hunter Smith (LHS)-

Looks--Short five foot, really pale, dark brown curly hair that is wild, bright blue eyes, skinny, and a little bit of a lack in the muscle department.

Personality--Louie is only wild with his best friend Ruddy, they get into a lot of trouble, he goes to a private high school and lives in the dorms, he is smart and calm, and shy.

Favorite color-- blue

Favorite music-- all, but mostly teen pop

Favorite food--Pizza and mac n cheese

Past time- studies

Favorite sport-- has none

Favorite show-- Supernatural


All in all, he is one big nerd that needs a little bit of a wild side.


Ruddy Ian Williams (RIW)-

Looks--tall 6’10, has the perfect tan body, straight black hair that is cut short and is tamed, dull brown eyes, well built

Personality- Ruddy is the wild one, he enjoys getting his best friend Louie into trouble, goes to the same private school as his friend and lives with him, he loves sports, is wild, rowdy, annoying at times, and flirty to girls.

Favorite color-- Green

Favorite music-- Pop

Favorite food-- Chinese

Past time-- mess with Louie, play sports, ditch school, go to parties, and get into a lot of trouble

Favorite sport-- Football, Basketball

Favorite show-- Supernatural


All in all, he is the player/joker of this school, that needs to learn some manners and what not.

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