A High School Story

You just have to read. (Not fully edited)


10. Chapter 9

“Wake up, we have to leave.” Someone said. I opened my eyes and saw Ruddy standing there. I sat up and climbed out of my bed. “Are they gone?” I asked. “Yeah, your parents already left for work, now come on, before we are late to class.” He says. I nod and follow him out of my room and down stairs. He pauses in front of the front door and looks at me. “What about your eye?” He asks. I pulled out makeup in my pocket. “I will hide it with this on the way there.” I told him. He nodded and walked out of the house.


We were almost to the school and I just finished covering my eye with makeup. It looked like nothing happened. “You should be a makeup artist.” Ruddy says. I shoot him a glare. “Just kidding.” He says. He pulled up in front of the school and then parked. We both got out and made our ways to the dorms. We grabbed our bags and went to class. I had Algebra class and he had English class, so we parted ways.


I walked into my class and sat down. Connor came up behind me and whispered in my ear. “You doing good?” He asked. I gave him a look. “Why do you ask?” I asked him. He shook his head never mind and walked to his seat. I watched him as he says something to Jessica, who sits behind him, and she looked back at me with worry. I scoffed at them and turned my attention to my text book. As the teacher talked, I couldn’t listen to him. This is normally my favorite class, but today I wasn’t feeling it. I was too busy writing down a story in my note book. What I wrote:


“Are you still mad at me?” Samantha asked John. John turned to her with a



pained look. “No.” He replies. Sammy didn’t trust that answer. She knew it was a lie.



“Are you sure?” She asked. John stood up and looked her dead in the face. “I was



never mad at you.” He said. She thought for a minute. “Then what were you?” She



asked. John turned his pained look away from her. “Hurt.” He replied. SHe looked at him



for a moment before nodding. “Okay.” She said. Sam stood up, but John did not stop



her. It was no longer his job to do so. Samantha was no longer his, in fact he didn’t



even know if she ever was his.


“Louie? Can you please answer number 17 please.” Mr.Miller said. I looked up at the bored and did the math in my head. “-3.” I replied. Mr.Miller turned back to the board. “Correct.” He said. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to my notebook.


    John didn’t watch Sam leave, instead he stared down at the ground. He had



every right to be hurt, angry, sad. It wasn’t his fault it ended. It was hers. She was



the one who had sex with another man, right behind John’s back. She was the one who



should go to hell. Nothing was his fault. But it has always been his fault.



     I guess he should have just went with he was mad. Then she would still be



sitting here, trying to get him to talk. To open up. Because it is easier to say you



are mad, then it is to say you are hurt.


I looked at my own words in the story. And I guess I was correct on some of them. I had no idea if I created John to be or not, but it ended up that way. I looked up at the bored and looked around me. The teacher was talking but I ignore. It made him sound muffled and distant. The kids in the classroom were taking notes, talking, doing late homework, or whatever. I saw Connor talking to Jessica and it hit me. Why should I even have to deal with her? Just because she is Ruddy’s girlfriend doesn’t mean she has the right to say the things she says to me. Because, blowing out someone else's candles, doesn’t make yours shine brighter.


Okay, maybe I should stop looking at quotes, because they are stuck in my head now. My mind finally focused on the class, but only for a few minute, because the bell rang. I got up and gathered my things. Connor walked up to me and looked at my notebook. I closed it as fast as I could before he could read it. Then I put it in my bag. He raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure you are okay?” He asked. My mind went back to my story. ‘I am hurt.’ is what I wanted to say, but I didn’t. “To be fair, I never answered your question and you never answered mine.” I state. He gives me a blank look. And with that I smile and walk out of the class and onto the next.


*Ruddy’s POV*

Louie and I took our different paths to our classes. I felt sorry for him, I mean to have a stepdad like that must suck. I am lucky that my parents love each other and their kids very much. I walked into English class and sat down. Mrs.Walsh gave me a smile when I passed her desk. She is the oldest person you could ever lay eyes on. I mean, she has to be in her hundreds. “Okay, class. Today we are starting on some essays.” She said once the last kid sat down. Everyone groaned. “Oh, hush, it won’t be that bad.” She said.


A nerdy looking girl raised her hand. “Yes, Harper?” Mrs.Walsh asked. “Will we be able to pick these books?” Harper asked. Olivia turned around to face me and mouthed ‘I hope so’. I smiled and she turned back around. “Yes, you all may pick your books. So come on, we are going to the library.” She said. Everyone sighed and stood up. We made our way out of the classroom and followed her.


We were passing by the Algebra class and I took a  peak in the room. I do this every chance I get because Jess is in there. But today, it wasn’t for her. I found my eyes falling on Louie as he ignored the teacher. I knew that wasn’t like him, especially in this class, but then again he had a long day yesterday. “Stop staring at Jessica and come on.” Olivia smacked me on the back of my head. “Ouch.” I cried. She rolled her eyes and went on walking. I let out a sigh, taking one last glance at Louie, then followed her.


I spent most of the class time looking for a book, but then decided on the book If I Stay. Manly because I knew Louie has read the book and I can just ask him. Reading wasn’t my strong suit, but oh well. No one will marry me for that. Will they? Nah.


I made my way and sat down next to Olivia, who was reading a murder mystery called A Book Past Due. “Why did you get that book?” She asked. “Why not?” I asked her. She sighed and sat down her book. “It’s like a chick flick and it will make you cry.” She states. I shrugged. I didn’t really care. “Okay, but I do think you will like it.” She goes on. “Then why were you saying I wouldn’t?” I asked. She scoffed. “I never said that.” she said. “Um...yes you basically did.” I point out. She gave me a look that said go screw off. Which made me move tables.


I sat down next to the nerdy girl. “Hi.” I say. She looks up from her twilight book then back down. So, she is one of those fans, she and Jessica would get along. “Harper, right?” I asked. She sat down her book and nodded. “Do you know Jessica?” I thought I would ask because of the twilight thing. “No, and I do not plan on getting to know her. She is a sluty bitch that should learn to keep her mouth shut.” She states plainly. “Oh.” Was all I could say. “And you are Ruddy Williams, her boyfriend. I hope you are happy with the bitch of the year. Because she has won four years in a row. Oh, and maybe you should look into why Louie, you best friend, hates her so much, because you are as blind as a bat.” and with that she gets up and leaves.


Wow, I can’t make friends today. I shook my head and opened my book. Then it hit me. How did she know my name? How did she know Jessica was my girlfriend, okay rumors spread like wildfire, so I know that one. But, most of all, how did she know Louie and his hate towards Jess? I couldn’t figure these things out. Then the bell rang and I got up and ran. I had to catch up with Louie.


*Louie’s POV*

I got to my locker and put my text book in it. I let out a sigh and pulled out my notebook from my bag. I was about to put it in the locker, but then put it back in my bag. “Thank the flipping unicorns you are still at your locker.” Ruddy says walking up to me. He was out of breath and had a book in his hand. I recognized the book right away. “Why?” I asked. Just then Connor, Jess and Olivia walked up. “Hey guys.” Olivia said, but Ruddy ignored them. I was about to say hey, but Ruddy talked. “Do you know Harper?” He asked.


I didn’t know why he asked. Harper is a grade A student like me and is in my writing class. She as long red hair that is straight and freckles all over her face. She has brown eyes and wears black thick glasses. When she smiles her blue braces show.


“Yeah I know Harper, she is in my writing class. Why?” I asked him. The other three didn’t say anything. “Does she know something I don’t?” Ruddy asked. Connor, Jess, and Olivia turned and looked at me. “No, Ruddy I tell you everything.” I said. He looked like he didn’t believe me. “Don’t lie.” He snaps. I felt like the chihuahua in front of a great dane. “I’m not lying.” I snap back. Our two friends, plus a bitch, take a step back. Okay, most people have friends and every now and then they fight. But me and Ruddy haven’t fought since 3rd grade, so this was scary for everyone.


When I say everyone, I mean everyone. People were stopping in the halls and looking at us. “You’re not lying, you have been lying for the past month, Louie, just tell me.” He snapped again. “There is nothing to tell, and I have not been lying.” Okay I lied on the last part. Ruddy looked about ready to kill me. “Come on guys, don’t fight. It’s very unlike you.” Connor weakly laughs. “Stay out of this!” Ruddy snaps his way. “If you think I am fucking lying to your face then go die in a hole!” I snap and run off. If I can just get out of the damn school. This damn world, then I would be fine.


*Ruddy’s POV*

“Come on guys, don’t fight. It’s very unlike you.” Connor says weakly laughing. I could tell he was scared. Damn so was I. I just wanted Louie back. My Louie. “Stay out of this!” I snap at Connor. I felt bad. But, I was just mad. Then it was Louie’s turn.  “If you think I am fucking lying to your face then go die in a hole!” He said and ran off. “Louie!” I yell. I run after him. “Damn.” Was the last thing I heard out of Connor’s mouth.


*Louie’s POV*

I ran all the way to the dorms after telling the nurse that I wasn’t feeling good and showed her my eye. She let me go easily. The principal, nurse, and Ruddy’s family are the only ones that know about my home life.


I walked into the dorm and face planted into my bed and slowly felt tears roll down my cheek. Just then I heard the door open, but I ignored it. “Louie?” Ruddy’s soft voice said. “I am sorry, I was just mad because so far no one is on my side.” he says. I sniffed. “I shouldn’t have let my anger out on you.” He went on. “Please forgive me?” He asked. I felt him sit down in my bed. Then he leaned down and wrapped his arms around me. I turned and rested my face in his chest. The next thing I knew, I was sitting in his lap crying. But, He held me tight.


“Please forgive me.” Ruddy says, voice cracking. “I forgive you.” I cry out. He pulls my closer, if it were possible to be closer to him. He rubbed my back. Then I remembered something. I pushed away, just enough to look at him. “What about you classes?” I asked. He smiled. “Well, I knew you went to the nurse to get out, so I told her that you texted me needing comfort.” He says. “And she let you leave?” I asked. He nodded and I smiled slightly. “What about the others?” As asked. “Well. Connor was cursing under his breath. Olivia looked worried and Jess looked like she was to blame.” He said. I barred my face into his neck.


He started to lay down on the bed, pulling me with him. I was now laying on top of him, which was strange. I mean I liked it, but I liked it in not the friend way. He closed his eyes and pulled me as close as he could get me. Then I wondered with his actions, does he like it in that way too?


I thought it was best just ignore that thought and enjoy the situation I am in right now. I rested my head back against his neck and closed my eyes.

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