A High School Story

You just have to read. (Not fully edited)


9. Chapter 8

We were in the cellar for half an hour before Ruddy’s mom showed up. “What were you two thinking?” Mrs. Williams asked. “I’m sorry mom we were just trying to have fun.” Ruddy said. His mom looked to see if the cop was still there. “I know, I think this is the dumbest reason to be called into the station.” She laughed. I smiled at her as she went on about how she would’ve done the same. Ruddy looks just like his mother. Perfect black hair and sparkling brown eyes, well Ruddy’s eyes are duller than hers. “I mean, come on, they should keep the lake open all night, it would make more sense.” She went on. I laughed at her teen like behavior. But then stopped when I saw my step dad walk in.


Ruddy’s mom gave me a look full of pity and she dragged Ruddy away. I let out a sigh ready for my punishment. Matthew walked up to me. He is a tall man with army cut black hair. He is really built and tattoos all over his arms and a little on his neck. He always has a scowl on his face. He walked up to me and crossed his arms when he stopped in front of me. Ruddy and his mom were sitting outside by her car waiting. “I knew you were nothing but a troublemaker.” Matthew said in his rough hateful voice. “I-i’m sorry, it w-won’t happen a-agin.” I whispered just loud enough for him to hear. “Do you realize how much money you are costing me?” He snapped harshly. I flinched at his words. “I’m sorry.” I said. He glared at me. “Come on, we are going home NOW!” He snapped grabbing my wrist and pulling my to the door.

He ignored Ruddy and his mom standing there and pulled me to his red mustang. He opened up the door for me and pointing inside. I took one last glance at worried Mrs. Williams and Ruddy. I then climbed into the car and sat there without saying a word the whole ride home. With my step dad yelling at me the whole time. “You are good for nothing little brat!” He says pulling up to a red light. “You mother should've swallowed you, Or your father should’ve taken you.” He went on. I sunk down in my seat, trying my hardest to disappear. “You should just go jump off a bridge or something, it would be the best for everyone in this world, even your mother!” He snaps, his rough voice throwing knifes at my face. “Maybe I will.” I mutter. “Good, I will drive you there, oh and I will give you the push.” He said.


Finally we pulled in front of a hug white and red bricked house. The house was three stories big. My room was on the second floor. I got out of the car, but I was then pulled back into the car and slapped on the head. I hung my head in shame. “Your mother isn’t home right now, come with me.” He says softly. I knew what was coming. The worst beating of my life. I felt my body flame up in pain just thinking about it. I flinched when he pulled me out of the car and I fell onto the ground. The hard fall cut up my arm a bit. He picked me up and dragged me into the house.


“Sit here!” He snaps as he throws me onto the big red couch in the first floor living room. I do as commanded and sat up as straight as I could. I held in the groan of pain when I say the blood on my arm. Okay, maybe the cut from the fall was worse then I thought. I stood up and grabbed a tissue and sat back down. I put the tissue on my cut to stop the blood from getting on the couch. It was so wide and deep when I cleaned blood away from it. It almost made me want to faint.


Matthew walked back in and I looked at him. Then I realized that was the wrong move. Because the next thing I knew I was hit in the face, and not like the small slap in the car, this was like a full on punch.


Later that night, I sat in my room waiting on my mom to come home. She was most likely at the bar, getting drunk. So, she was most likely to do the same thing too. I sniffled and picked up my phone. I felt a tear roll down my face, stinging any cut it passes over. I dialed Ruddy’s number, knowing very well that what I was about to do would make my punishment even worse. “Louie!?” Ruddy’s panicked voice answers the phone. I sniffed and let out a small cry. “Are you at your house?” He asks. I nod, even though he can’t see me. “Louie, I am coming to get you, where are you?” He asked. I let out another cry. “I am *sniff* in my room.” I told him, my voice cracking. “Okay, I am coming, lock your door.” He says then hangs up.


I do has he says. I stand up and limp my way to my door and lock it. Then I walked to the doors the lead to my balcony and unlock those so Ruddy can get in. I sat back down on my bed and pulled my knees up to my chest. I closed my eyes and listened to myself breathing.


After a few minutes I heard a car pull up, but I knew who it was. I heard the front door open, then my mom and Matthew fighting. From the sound of it, my mom was drunk off her ass. I laid my head down on my pillow and listened to them. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I knew it was about me. Before I knew it I dozed off.


“Hey, sleepy head, can you wake up so I can fix the cut on your eye?” A voice that I was glad to hear said. I open my eyes to see Ruddy laying down next to me. It looked like he took a shower and changed into a white tank with a leather jacket and jeans. He no longer smelled like the lake. I smiled slightly at him and he sat up. I followed his action and he wrapped his arms around me. I buried my face in his chest, and he smelled nice. I mean, can’t friends say that? Then it all hit me again.


The lake. The cop. The jail cell. The call. The beating I took from my step dad. It all just came back and I tried to sniff it away. But I couldn’t. Before I knew it I was crying in his arms. Gosh damn it, Louie get it together. “Shhh, it’s okay, come one. We should go fix your eye up.” He said. I nodded and pulled away from him. He stood up and, once again, I follow his lead. We walk into my bathroom, but as we pass my door, I made sure it was locked. I went into the bathroom and Ruddy pulled out the first aid. He has helped me out so many times, that he could become a nurse or something.


He set the box on the counter and opened it. I let out a shaky sigh and he turned to me. It took me by surprise when he picked me up and put me on the counter, next to the box. But, he didn’t say anything of it, so I ignored his action. He got a piece of cloth and got a little alcohol on it and turned to me. I was already flinching, because putting alcohol on an open cut hurts like hell. Almost worst than a paper cut or stubbing your toe. Okay, maybe not the toe one, because satan himself put the object were your toe could hit it. Damn you satan.


“Open you eye.” He said. I opened my left eye. Okay let me tell you why. So, the cut on my eye is actually under it. When I close my eye he can’t clean it. The cut is on my right eye, so if I keep it closed, then he can’t clean it, then it won’t hurt worse. “Louie, please.” He gave me the puppy dog eye. I sighed and opened my right eye too. He gave me a smile. “Thanks, now this might a hurt a little.” He said. “Thank you Captain Obvious.” I said. He smiled and placed the cloth on my cut. “Shit!” I snapped under my breath. I felt the heat of the pain around my eye.


Have you ever had that happen. Where something hurts so much that it feels like it is spreading, but it also has some heat to it. Almost like the cut is blushing. Wait. Did I just say that? Well, never mind.


Ruddy removed the cloth and put a band aid over it. I leaned forward and rested my head on his chest. “Hey Ruddy?” I asked. “Huh?” He huffs out. I smile at his lazy answer. He must have felt my smile, because he wraps his arms around me. “Yes, pumpkin?” He asks. I closed my eyes. “Not to ruin the moment or anything…” I say sitting up again. He gives me a look. “But can you also clean the cut on my arm.” I went on showing him my arm. He frowned. “I thought you were going to say something else, but nooo, it’s just about your arm, gosh I’m not your slave.” He jokes. I laugh slightly at his, well his, I guess at him being him.


After he finishes doctoring my arm, I leaned back into his chest. “Okay, we may resume the moment.” I joke. He chuckles and wraps his arms around me again. But instead of a hug, he picks me up, bridal style, and carries me to my bed. He lays me, well more like throws me, on the bed and lays next to me. “I will drive us both back to school in the morning.” He whispers in my ear. I smiled at him and close my eyes. I felt him pull me into his chest and let out a sigh. His scent surrounding me. I fell asleep faster then I wanted too.


I wanted to talk to him and lay on his chest. Or just lay there and listen to him breath. I know what you’re thinking, and you might be right. I think a long time ago, I have fallen in love with my best friend, but I have ignored the feeling until now.

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