A High School Story

You just have to read. (Not fully edited)


6. Chapter 5

I felt someone or something touch my face, but I didn’t want to wake up. I heard whispers. “He is so cute when he is sleeping, like a small little teddy bear.” A female voice said. This voice I recognized, but from where? “Don’t wake him up.” Ruddy’s voice snapped. “Dude your tone of voice is going to wake him up.” Someone, who I believe is Connor, said. “Who cares if he wakes up, he is just gonna leave anyway.” Another female voice says. This voice I made out to be the devil, Jessica. Then who was the other girl? I turned over in my bed, facing away from them. “Awe man, I liked looking at his face.” Ruddy wined. “What about my face sugar plum?” Jess asked. “It’s nice, but I want Louie to turn back around.” Ruddy said.


I heard Connor trying to hold in a laugh. “Ruddy, don’t you think that was a little rude to you girlfriend?” The female voice asked. “Well my dear Olivia, the truth hurts.” Ruddy said. Holy shit. Olivia is in my room, touching my face, and watching me sleep. Okay, when I said I was gay, I am, but for Olivia I’m not. It’s simple math. “HEY!” Jess whined in her high pitch wine. “SHHH!” Everyone else snapped. “Sorry.” She whispers back at them. “Maybe we should talk somewhere else, I mean if you don’t want to wake him up, Ruddy.” Connor said. “That I agree with.” Olivia said. “What did you even want to talk about anyways?” she went on.


I heard someone stand up, realizing that who ever it was, was sitting at the foot of my bed. “Come on, let’s talk down in the lounge.” Ruddy said. Why was he sitting on my bed. I heard two more people get up. Ruddy and those two left. I felt a hand wipe across my check. “I wonder what you are dreaming?” Olivia’s voice asked no one. Then she stood up from my bed, and left the room. Turning off the lights as she left.


Once I knew I was in the clear, I opened my eyes. I find the dark empty dorm room. I sit up in bed and look over to the window, which had sunlight pouring in. I saw the gray fluff ball of a cat sun bathing on Ruddy’s desk. I smiled as the cat’s sleepy eyes turned to me. “How long have I been out?” I asked him. He yawned, showing his sharp teeth, in reply. I looked at the clock. Remembering I woke up at 8 this morning. 12:25 is what the clock read. My eyes went wide. “Holly shit, I slept long, good thing it’s a weekend.” I said.


I sighed and sat back down on my bed. The cat got up and jumped over to me. I smiled as he rubbed his head on my arm. “Do I smell that bad?” I asked. Remembering that cats only rub against you, because you smell bad, and they are rubbing their scent on you. He replied with a soft meow.


*Ruddy’s POV*

I walked down the stairs with Connor and Jess following me. I stopped at the bottom and looked up. After a few minutes of waiting, Olivia showed up and joined us. We made our way to the lounge and sat down. There weren’t a lot of people down here on the weekend so, we were safe. Jessica sat down as close as she could next to me. Connor and Olivia shared the couch, but were as far apart as they could be from one another.


“What did you want to talk about man?” Connor asked. “Yeah something has been bugging you.” Jess said. Olivia stayed silent. Her and I barely know one another, so it was odd when she showed up. “Well the bright bunch is correct about something.” I say with a little tone to my voice. Jess scooted away from me a little bit, knowing I wasn’t in any mood. “Well, what is it?” Olivia asked. I sighed and Jess scooted closer to me again. Why can’t she just pick one. I mean I love the girl, but still, she can be annoying. Some days I understand why Louie hates her. “I’m just worried about someone.” I point out. “Well, that isn’t me, because I have been fine, so who is it? Your mom? Your dad? Who?” Jessica asked.


I wanted her to shut up now. She is gonna get mad at me anyway, once she finds out I am worried about Louie. I didn’t say anything, and luckily Connor caught on. “Is this about Louie?” He asked. Jessica scooted away when I nodded. Called it. Man I should have bet Connor on it or something. “What’s wrong with Louie?” Olivia asked, suddenly concerned. I sigh again and rested my arms on my leg. “He has been lying to me the past month and I am just worried.” I said. Connor gave me a look, either he is mad or confused. “Then call him out on them.” He says. I rested my head on my hand. “I have, but he still does it, like he is hiding something from me, but I stopped calling him out on it.” I told them. Olivia looked at Jess. “Is there someone or something bothering him?” She asked.


She directed this question to me, but she was looking at pissed off Jessica. I wanted to laugh. Because I know I hate the fact that Jess and Louie don’t get along, but I also know that Olivia might be right. What if Jessica and me dating is making his trust level with me fall. But, it could be something else too. Family matters. Classroom matters. I swear if someone is picking on my Louie again, I am going to kill them. But, I decided playing this question safe.


“Most likely, but he wouldn’t lie to me about something like that, he tells me his opinion on people, whether I asked for it or not.” I say. Connor smiled. “Then what did he say about me?” He asked. I thought back to the day I introduced Louie to Connor. “ ‘He looks like a man whore that drinks too much, I don’t think me and him will get along’ is what he said word for word.” I told him. He laughed. Probably because he knew it was true. He is a man whore. Olivia smiled. “Has he said anything about me yet?” She asked. I was hoping that she wouldn’t ask. Because, he has said something about her. That he likes her, thinks she is pretty, and wants to most likely date her. “Nope.” I lied. Is that a sin? I hope not. I am saving you Louie. Olivia looked sad, but then she smiled again. “What about me?” Jessica asked. Oh shit. And today kids you will witness a teenage boy getting dumped by his girlfriend. Don’t try this at home.


“Um...he said that you are a whore that needs to wear more clothing and get a life that isn’t wasted at the corner bar on west street.” I told her. Connor and Olivia were trying to hold in their laughs. I gave my girl a weak smile. Jessica’s face told me that she didn’t think it was funny. “Love you.” I say. She scoffed. Oh the silent treatment. I guess that is better than getting dumped.


I stared off to the direction of the stairs. Wondering if Louie is going to wake up and catch us talking down here. “Okay, back to the matter at hand.” Connor said. Jessica sneered and stood up. She walked away and out of the lounge. Okay, this is going to be a fun weekend. “Aren’t you going to stop her?” Olivia asked. “She will get over it by monday.” I pointed out. They both nodded. “Than what do you think is bugging Louie?” Olivia asked. “That’s the thing that is bothering me, I don’t know.” I tell them.


*Louie’s POV*

Once I was again ready for the day, I left the room. I was locking the door behind me, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to see a rather pissed off wild Jessica. “You are a jackass.” She says. I frown. “I have been called worse.” I tell her. I try to walk away, but she stops me. “You think you can do anything because Ruddy is you best friend, well you are wrong.” She says. I wanted to laugh in her face, but I held it in. Did she get me mixed up with her. “Okay.” I say trying to get away from her. “Louie, you are nothing but a mistake, you should just leave.” She says, and she means it. I felt my heart snap, but I didn’t show it. “Thanks, I didn’t know my dad was here.” I say.


Her expression changed. It went from being mad, to being soft. And I went from being ‘is she serious’ to ‘she should just shut up and leave’.  “Louie, I didn’t mean that.” She says covering her mouth with her hands. “Yeah I will believe that when pigs fly.” I say with a scoff. Then I take off running.


What’s her problem? I have done nothing to her today, and she shows up and says those things. What the hell. I have done nothing in this world, but be me. So, does this world not even want me? I feel like the only people who want me around is Ruddy and Connor. But, they are so, so, normal, and I am just a big nerd.


I run down the stairs, and stop to catch my breath. But I was breathing fine. I had to stop because I needed to wipe away tears. Why was being me so hard?


“Louie? Please stop. Please, I’m sorry.” Jessica said coming down the stairs. I took off running again. Not knowing where I was going, but I wasn’t going to stop until I got there. No matter how sorry she sounded.


*Ruddy’s POV*

“Is there a way to get him to tell us?” Olivia asked. I thought for a moment. The only way that he would talk, is if he trusts someone a lot. I have been the one he is lying to, so does he still trust me? Or not? “I don’t know.” I say. “You have been saying those same three words for the past 30 minutes.” Connor pointed out. I frowned. Holy shit, he is right. I shrugged. Oh well. Can’t take it back. Olivia let out a sigh.


I was about to say something, when Jessica came running back. She seemed worried. ”What has my little kitten's tail in a bunch?” I asked when she made it to us. She looked worried, but also frustrated, at herself. “Um…” She trailed off. Olivia and Connor turned their attention to her. “I went by your dorm to get my bag…” She kept trailing off. I gave her a concerned look. “Louie was gone, and I don’t think he is...um...okay…” She said. I raised a brow. “He could have just went to study somewhere.” I pointed out. “So what makes you think he isn’t okay?” I continued. “He left without grabbing his books, without feeding the cat, and his phone is still on his bed.” She said.


My heart picked up. Louie just left. But why? “And his wallet was sitting next to his phone.” She went on. Connor looked at me. I was panicking. Louie had never in his life pulled something like this. I didn’t know what to do. I was worried out of my mind, but I also couldn’t move. Where would he be? Is he alright? Is he doing something he shouldn’t? What if he doesn’t come back? What if he leaves and never looks back?


“Ruddy? Did you hear me?” Olivia asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked at her. She gave me a worried look. “What?” I choked out. She sighed. “Let’s go find him.” She said. Connor and Jessica agreed. I stood up and made my way to the dorm, to grab his phone and wallet, and my car keys. I need to know he is safe.

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