A High School Story

You just have to read. (Not fully edited)


4. Chapter 3

Boom! Bang! Crash! I froze outside the room when I heard these noises. The key in my hand ready to turn the doorknob, but I thought different. I removed the key and walked across the hall. Throwing my bag on the floor then sitting next to it. I stared at the door to mine and Ruddy’s room. Bang! Coboom! Clang! 

    What the hell are they doing? I know for a fact Connor is still in the room with Ruddy. So, what could they be doing? Do they realize how bad it sounds on this end? Just then the devil walked up and stared at the door. “What is going on in there?” Jessica asked. I growled at her. Yep, I am now the guard dog. “Down boy.” another female voice said. I turned to see Olivia smiling down at me. I froze. BOOM! That made me jump onto my feet, ignoring the two girls, I ran into the dorm room. Meaning I also forgot my bag. 

    I walk in the see everything in a big mess. Cloths everywhere, papers scattered, and Ruddy’s dresser knocked over. The dresser had claw marks all over it. “Oh my Gosh, I was gone for ten seconds and come back to this.” I stated. I looked over to see Connor upside down on the bed, and Ruddy holding some kind of cat like thing in the other corner. “What is that?” I asked. Ruddy smirked. “Awe, man, my lovely wife walked in on the wrong time, sorry Connor, times up.” Ruddy said. “Awwwe man, but it was getting hot in here.” Connor wines. I stared at the two. “Okay, anyone want to tell me what Ruddy is doing holding a pussy then?” I asked and pointed at the cat. 

    Connor breaks into a laugh. Ruddy turned bright red, which I don’t know why, he is always trying to get Jessica in bed. “It’s a cat not a pussy.” Ruddy cries. Connor continues to laugh his butt off. “Pussy and cat are the same thing” I said. Ruddy glared at me. “Oh, but dear, they are different in a way too.” He states. Oh, he is being a smart ass today. “But both terms can also mean one thing.” I said. Two can play at this game. “You are just jealous because I have the pussy and you don’t, my lovely Louie.” He goes on. Connor is cracking up now. “I could care less about your pussy.” I said. “So, you are gay, pay up Connor.” Ruddy said. I glared at the two, but Connor was too busy laughing to do anything. “I am not gay.” I state. 

    Ruddy smirked. Shit, I gave him an idea. “Wanna bet?” He asks. I sigh. “Just give me the damn pussy.” I say. Ruddy pulls the cat closer to his chest. “My pussy!” He yells. Sure enough that made Jessica and Olivia walk into the room. Oh, all hell is gonna break loose. “Give me the damn pussy!” I yell back. Connor was now turning red from the lack of air. I heard the two girls break into laughter too. Great, this day can’t get any better. “Help this nerd is trying to steal my Pussy!” Ruddy yells as loud as he could. I frowned. Yep, I knew it was gonna get worst. “Why the hell did you have the pussy in you dresser?” I yell back. Connor looked blue now, and the two girls had to sit down on the floor. 

    Ruddy ran around the bed and to the door that leads out into the school. The cat hissing and growling as he did so. “If you want the pussy so bad, then you have to get it from me.” He says holding the cat even closer to him. Okay, he just wants me to chase him yelling pussy all the way down the hallways. That isn’t gonna happen. “Just give the damn thing here.” I snapped. “Oh, getting frisky, I see, well little girl, come and catch you pussy.” He says and runs out the door. Okay, you remember how I said I wasn’t going to chase him down the hall yelling pussy. Yeah, I lied. 

    I was running after him with a big grin on my face. “Ruddy Ian Williams, give me that pussy right now!” I yell playfully after him. He turns to run backwards to face me. I big smile on his face. “Nah!” He yells back. “This pussy is mine!” He holds up the cat with one hand. I laughed. “I would think you are the gay one, running around wanting a pussy, and not in that sort of way!” I yell. His smile turns into a smirk. He turns back around to run correctly. Shit he is faster than me. I am only half the size of him in height. But in muscle I am a fourth or something his size. 

    I hope Connor and Olivia aren’t dying of laughter. But, I wouldn’t mind Jessica to choke on her own spit and die. Is that a sin? Is it a sin to hate the devil she is? Nah, I think I am okay. Even if it is, I would be alright with going to hell, mainly because I am going there anyway. Yep, I am gay, but that is my secret that no one knows. And that is fine by me. Not even my parents or Ruddy know. 


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