A High School Story

You just have to read. (Not fully edited)


15. Chapter 14

*Ruddy’s POV*

I walked up to Louie’s room, he was in the shower. I smirked at all the things I could do to him, while in the shower. I shook those thoughts out of my head when I heard the shower turn off. I knocked on the door. “Yes?” I heard him ask. I bit back my dirty thoughts and had to think of what to say. Shit, if he finds out what I actually wanted to do, I will be dead. What a headline that will be. Death By Louie.


“I decided on making breakfast, how many eggs?” I said the little lie. I gulped hoping he would catch the lie. “Do you even know how to cook?” He asked and the door opened. And holy shit, he was only wearing a towel. Ruddy you saw him naked not too long ago. I mentally slapped myself. “Nope.” I said not looking away. Louie raised a brow at me and I gave him an innocent smile. “Then how are you going to cook?” He asked. Shit, I feel like he is teasing me. Fuck you Louie. Actually that sound like a good idea, maybe I will fu----Ruddy no.


“I will just wing it.”I said with a smirk. Louie let out the cutest sigh and walked past me. What is he doing? I turned around to him. He was digging in his closet for cloths. I frowned.  “Once I get dressed I will come down and help you.” he said. I whimpered and he turned around and looked at me. I stuck out my bottom lip into a pout. “What?” He asked. Does he really not know. “Do you have to get dressed?” I begged him. Please don’t get dressed. Still the thoughts ran through my mind.


“Ruddy, I am going to get dressed and you can’t stop me.” He sated and I looked at him. Then I smirked and started to run at him. He smiled back and dashed into the closet and closed the door. Shit. He is a tease.  “Baby, open the door, please.” I cried through the door. “Once I am dressed.” I hear him reply. I let out another whimper. I walked over and sat down on his bed. I let out a sigh.


I heard a noise down in the kitchen. I looked at the closet, Louie still had himself locked in there. I stood up and made my way down to the kitchen to see what made the noise. I walked into the kitchen and looked around. Every single cabinet was open. I frowned and started to close all of them. “What the hell, maybe Louie is playing games with me.” I said to myself. I walked over to the last one and closed it. That’s when I noticed someone standing there. I didn’t dare to turn and see who. “Hello, Ruddy.” I familiar voice said. I turned to see Lillian standing there. I jumped. “What the--” I said. I opened the cabinet that she was standing behind and smacked her in the face.


“Ouch!” She said. I ran over and grabbed a kitchen knife. “What the hell are you doing here?” I questioned her as she closed the cabinet door. She let out a sigh. “Ruddy, I came to tell you something.” She said. I held the knife close to me. “And what would that be?” I asked. She smiled darkly at me and I felt my body grow cold. A shadow fell on her face, like she was holding a flashlight under her chin. “Hell is coming for you.” She said in a creepy voice that didn’t seem to belong to her.


Then the shadow in her face disappeared and she smiled brightly. “Anyway, good bye Ruddy.” She said and left by jumping out the window. Hell? Hell is coming for me? What does that even mean!?

*Louie’s POV*

I walked out of the closet and looked around. Ruddy was nowhere to be found. I frowned. Where was he?


I made my way out of my room and noticed someone was downstairs. I made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen. Ruddy was standing there acting, once again, natural. I raised my brow at him. “What were you doing?” I asked looking around my kitchen. Nothing seemed different. “What makes you think I was doing anything?” He asked me, his arm still behind his head. “Nice try.” I said. “I know you too well, you did something.” My eyes fell on the kitchen knife on the counter. “Louie, I have no idea what you mean.” He said.


I felt his eyes on me as I made my way over to the knife and pick it up. “Yeah right.” I said holding the knife up so he could see it. He didn’t look me in the eyes. I leaned against the counter dangling the knife in my hand. “Ruddy?” I questioned. He looked up and our eyes met. “Okay, I heard a sound and came down to see what it was.” He said. “And this girl, this really creepy girl, was down here. So I picked up the knife to defend myself.”


I frowned at him. “Ruddy tell me the truth.” I state. His shoulders slug. “I am. Louie, I’m not lying, there was a creepy girl in here.” He pleaded. I let out a sigh and set the knife down. “Okay, fine, whatever.” I said, he frowned at me. “Louie...I’m not lying.” He said. “Ruddy, okay, I believe you, can we just cook?” I asked, he nodded. I opened the fridge. I didn’t believe him, but right now wasn’t the time to argue. I grabbed the eggs and bacon and threw them on the counter. I was about to walk over to grab a pan, but Ruddy grabbed my wrist and pulled me. Before I knew it I was leaning against the counter with Ruddy pinning me in.


I put my hand on his chest and tried to push him away. Fudge nuggets he is strong. And I mean Strong. I stopped pushing, but kept my hands where they were. I mean why not? Ruddy smirked down at me. He leaned down and whispered in my ear. “Can we just forget about it?” He asked. Feeling his breath on my ear sent a shiver through my body. “S-sure.” I stuttered. He nibbled my ear. I felt my face heat up. Ruddy leaned even more against me, making me squeak a little. Ruddy smirked. “R-Ruddy, Stop.” I said. I heard him chuckle slightly. Then he stepped back with a big smile on his face. “Anyway, I am hungry, let us make food.” He said in a delighted voice.


I felt my face heat up even more. He just teased me! What the hell! I grabbed his wrist and pulled him, making him fall on the floor. “Ouch.” He said. I smirked down at him letting out a small giggle. He looks up at me. “Ruddy, let me tell you something.” I said. “Huh?” He rubbed his butt. I giggled again. “No one, and I mean no one teases me.” I state and walk away from him.


“Huh!?” I heard him get up. “Louie, that’s not fair, you teased me earlier.” I says. I grab a pan out of a cabinet and look at him with a blank look. “When did I tease you?” I questioned. He frowned and grabbed the bacon I laid on the counter. “After your shower.” He says as he walks up to me. He pushes me up to the counter. “I did?” I questioned. “Huh-uh.” He said.


Ruddy leaned down about ready to kiss me, but then the doorbell rang. I pushed him away from me. “Coming!” I yelled. I turned back to a now sad Ruddy. “Nice try buttercup.” I teased. He growled under his breath and I giggled.

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