A High School Story

You just have to read. (Not fully edited)


12. Chapter 11

Those three words ruined everything. Ruddy let go of me and took a step back like I was poison. Like if he touched me, he would die. “W-what?” He stuttered. I dropped my smile and stared at him. Pain showing on my face. I felt like crying and saying it was just a joke. Telling him that it was just a prank, but I couldn’t move. And I couldn’t speak.


Ruddy started to glare at me. I felt my heart shatter, he has never looked this angry. I felt a tear run down my face. “R-Ruddy….” I managed to say. He didn’t say anything, instead he took another step back. Another tear ran down my face. “P-please….” I said. Ruddy shook his head no. I took a step towards him and he took another step back. (And Andrea read this and jumped out a window after stabbing herself in the heart screaming “The feels!”) “Don’t.” Ruddy finally said. “Don’t come near me.” He said, and with that he left the room.


I fell onto the floor and pulled my knees up to my face. What did I do wrong? I am still me, right?

*Ruddy’s POV*

    I closed the door behind me and paused. Did I really just do that? Did I really just do that to my best friend? Shit, he was crying. I felt like turning around and going back in there, but something about what he told me rubbed my the wrong way. It made me feel like I shouldn’t be around him. But, he is still the same Louie, right?


    I sighed in frustration and walked down to the lounge of the school. I saw Conner sitting with Olivia and Jessica talking. I thought for a moment, but I never went to sit down with them. I felt as if something about my whole life just spun. I sat down against a wall out side. “What the hell did I just do?” I asked myself and looked up at the sky. It was a nice sunny day. The sky was a pretty blue and there was one lonely little cloud. I sighed, picturing the cloud as Louie. I left him all alone, and now he probably doesn’t want to see me.


    I watched the cloud a while longer, then I closed my eyes to think more clearly. “Bad day?” A voice asks. I open my eyes to see a really nerdy looking girl in front of me. Her black hair was braided into two braids on each side of her head. She had big thick black glasses resting on her face. She had braces and was holding four books. She had on a black and white sweater and a black skirt.


    “What’s it to you?” I asked and closed my eyes again hoping she would leave. “Well, it isn’t my business, but you look like you just got dumped or something….” She paused and gasped. “Oh my gosh, Ruddy, did you and Jessica break up?” She asked. I was about to answer her, when I noticed I never told her my name. “Um...no, me and her are still together, and, well….how do you know my name?” I asked. Her face turned bright red and she froze up. “Oh, um, you are in a few of my classes and everyone knows you and Jess.” She says.


    I sighed and closed my eyes again. I heard someone sit down next to me. “Then what is wrong?” She asked. I opened my eyes to find her staring at me. “What the!....” I screamed. She didn’t flinch, instead she moved closer. “Okay….you are a creep, what is your name?” I asked. She scooted away a little. “You want to know my name?” She asked. I gave her a look, I just lost my best friend and this girl isn’t helping me. She stared at me and I nodded. “Lillian.” She says.


*Louie’s POV*

    I stood up from the floor after crying for what felt like forever. I made my way to the bathroom and washed my face. Once I was done cleaning myself up and calming down, I packed some clothes. I grabbed my phone and my wallet, and on my way out the door I grabbed my school bag.


    I walked out into the hallway and locked the door. I held the key in my hand and stared at it. “What is the point of this?” I asked myself. I kneeled on the ground and slid the key under the door and out of my reach. So even if I wanted to, I couldn’t come back to the dorm that Ruddy and I share. I stood up and tried to bite back another tear, but I failed.


    I wiped the tear away. I turned and walked my way out of the hallways and down the stairs. I avoided the lounge and made my way out the back door, not wanting anyone to see me like this. I stumbled my way out and started for the bus stop.


*Ruddy’s POV*

    “So….what is wrong with you anyway?” Lillian asked me after a few minutes of silence. I opened my eyes again. “Why does it even matter?” I asked. She let out a sigh and looked  up from her book. Wait when did she start reading. “The first step to take to fix a problem is to admit that you have one….and...well, Ruddy you have a problem.” She said. I glared at her. “No I don’t.” I mumbled.


    She glared at me and closed her book. “Ruddy, you have a problem and the reason you are acting like this is because you don’t know how to fix it.” She said. I ignored her and closed my eyes again. “Now, go and tell Louie you are sorry.” She said. I opened my eyes wondering how she knew about Louie and I, but she was gone. I looked around for her, but there was no sign of her. I looked at where she was sitting and saw a piece of paper sitting on the ground. I picked it up and read it:


By the way, Ruddy, you have a nice body.

I watch you why you are at football practice.




I stared at the note. I was about to just ignore it when I felt her eyes on me. I looked around, I was still alone.


I let out a sigh and decided on taking the creepy girls advice. I wanted to talk to Louie and tell him that I acted stupid, that I am the worst. Truly, I am the worst. Why would he even want to be friends with me?


I made my way back inside and past the lounge. Then I stopped. What if he doesn’t want to see me?

*Louie’s POV*

I was waiting for the bus, but then decided that walking would be better. Especially since this really creepy girl keeps staring at me. She had black braided hair, thick glasses and when she smiled you can see her pink braces. But what weirded me out, was that she was staring at me, and not blinking. So, I got up and started walking. I mean how bad can a walk from the school to my house be, right?


I guess I should have thought that threw more. Because I was only half an hour in before my feet started hurting. Fuck you too feet. I let out a sigh and shuffled on. I passed by the park and went on my way. Farther and farther away from the school. Away from Ruddy. Away from it all.

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