All The Things I Never Said

If I'm being honest, I don't even know what I'm doing right now. I just know that there are things that I've never said, and that I really, really ought to. These are all the things I never said.


1. The First Message

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You know, the first time that we met, I actually thought you were a bit of a twat. You strode into the classroom with that (no offense) really ... interesting hairstyle. And you sat down on your own and glared when anyone tried to sit near you and sighed when we were given a specific seating plan because god forbid anyone would want to talk to you, or be able to breathe near you. That was my first impressions, anyway.


And then that very same lesson, I decided that hey, since I did well on the first test, I should be the best. I deserve to get recognised as being smart. So when the first hard question was asked, guess who put their hand up to answer?


Me and you.


By the teacher chose you and you answered right and here I was thinking, this guy's sure got a mind swarming in here and being smart. And honestly, that was probably meaning that I was the real twat there, but hey, I was eleven and nine months younger and ten centimetres shorter than everybody else. I had a lot more to prove than you. So when the next question was asked, guess who put up their hands again? Me and you. This time I was asked, and I got it right, which obviously rather pleased me. Just, apparently not you, judging by the bemused look on your face.


And looking over at you, I grinned, and grinned more when you couldn't quite decide if you should grin back or not.

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