This is my current situation I sit at when it comes to a particular, someone.
I have discovered feelings in which I never knew I had, some of these feelings though I am not pleased with and some of the things I did associate with these feelings I'm also not happy about. Life, is life, what can you do about it? Live it with no regrets.


1. Current Position


The room is dark behind the computer screen, no cat at my feet, TV blaring the background and nothing but a lonely world. You think that once you confess your feelings for this particular person you would feel better, but they never tell you about how it feels when those feelings are never returned. You still continue to talk and accept their problems even though you know it won’t get you anywhere. One hour turns to two real fast, a day turns to a week and a month turns to four real fast.

To drop that person from your life or not too is the toughest choice to pick. You try to forget about them but you can’t simply forget. Every small thing reminds you of them, you miss that message you would receive in the morning and the message you would receive at the end of the night before you sleep. You get a taste of what it’s like to be left alone, you enjoy it for the time but then something changes that which makes you have to talk. Them feelings start to return even though you removed them, this time, they stick and you can’t shake them. They say you’re needed but in reality, you’re not. You’re just another pawn on their chess board while they already have their castles and king all setup.

You’re the first that they rely on but you’re the first that they are to toss away. Only once they realize what they have tossed away, then they notice what they have lost. Something important and needed but it is too late. We’re nothing but mere pieces that they can afford to lose to ensure that they have the best possible life.


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