Cassandra was a normal girl from a small town where nothing ever happened. Or so it was, until a meteor fell down and shook the daily lives of its residents Right after this, a stranger showed up. With only a name and no place to go, he was taken pity by Cassandra's mother who welcomed him to their home. But soon, Cassandra began to realize that he wasn't a simple teen. He was something much more.


3. Chapter 3

I look over at Jenny that stare on Lucifer's back with a dreaming smile, I can't help but rolling my eyes and look at Lucifer too, but I'm more into it for seeing him paint, that her looking at him in the tight t-shirt and his back muscles that works under it.
okay, maybe a little bit into that, even I can't say he isn't attractive.
his painting another portrait of that garden, and I can't believe that she isn't as amazed as me.
but she isn't really into art, she only interested if its mine, but that’s more like cause she feels like she have too I think. I blow my blond hair away from my eyes and once again think about cutting it. it would be easier when I paint, but Jenny says it's so beautiful.
I can seriously not see it, I'm just like every other Blondie in this town, blue-greenish eyes and honey blond hair. But she wants us to go together the next time they need models down in the big city. Jenny would easily become one, she is photogenic.
and with her long brown hair and her bambi brown eyes it won't be that hard for them to love her.
like every guy in the town, there isn't many guys left she hasn’t tried to date in this town.
she is high like me, but where she have big breast and are curvy, am I more small breasted and not so curvy. Mom says that she was a late bloomer too.
Luckily for me I'm not as boy obsessed as her.
,, hey Cassie, Jenny told me to come ove- oh god what's he doing here?” I look towards the door where Aiden stands with a confused look at Lucifer that just smile that him.
,, I'm not God, I'm Lucifer”
,, you don’t say” Aiden smiles and move towards me and Jenny that sit on the floor.
,, seriously what he's doing here?” I tell him my mom’s decision about him living here until they find him an apartment. He mumbles that my mom is just as insane as I am, and punch him in the side rolling my eyes. Yeah it's insane taking a complete stranger into your house with a teen girl, not much younger than the handsome stranger. I told you, I didn't say I didn't think he was hot.
Lucifer can't be much older than us, late teens or early twenties is me and Jennys guess.
soon Ryan joins us, and we all four just sit there amazed by one thing of another looking at Lucifer that pay us no mind at all. Until I hear his stomach growl, that gets joined by our others making it sound like choir practice. I stand up, and hush the others down the stairs to raid the kitchen, but Lucifer doesn’t move a muscle.
,, aren't you hungry?” I ask confused moving over to his side.
,, is that’s how it sound when you are?” he question looking down at his stomach.
What a weird question I think telling him that it is “I’m sorry, I never really been hungry before, it all so new” he says putting the brush down and turn towards me with a somewhat goofy smile.
Has he never been hungry? Who in the whole wide world has not in some way been hungry before? This morning I was about to die over we didn't have any more chocolate cereal.
When we walk into the kitchen, half of the food from the refrigerator is on the table.
the guys start to fight over the turkey, and I take the salad from yesterday, Lucifer looks at all the food like he don’t know what to do. So I hand him some of the chicken salad.
when we done eaten, and I mean really done eating to our kitchen looks like a entire soldier group had been trough our kitchen, Aiden decides to go for a run.
and wants me to go with him.
,, why is it that you don’t like me?” I whimper taking my running shoes on. he roll his eyes stretching ,, it's good for you to do something else than paint” he mumbles touching his feet.
Jenny and Ryan had run for the hills when he said the word ‘running’
Leaving me with Lucifer and Aiden.
Aiden got some of his shoes for Lucifer cause my mom had told me not to leave him alone at any moment to be sure he didn't have any injuries to the brain, and cause we have no idea what he could do and not do. I am not and will probably ever me a very active girl, I like to use my hands and be creative, I don’t see any reason to case some leather ball, or going for a run.
But Aiden tells me that I will get fat if I don’t excise just a little and I need the fresh air… the love is strong between us.
But it's better than football, at first he tried to get me to go to football with him, we have a female group too. but after 10 minutes it was clear I could not kick a ball into a net if my life depended on it. I have no eye coordination for that, grapping a ball before hitting me in the face, I'm the girl you looking for. But throwing a can into the trash, not so much.
So I was left with running.
I don’t know why I am left with all the hyper people, Jenny wants to try everything at least twice, making us a regular visitor at the hospital, and make me consider writhing a testament.
what I haven't done in my few years on earth, sometimes I think she has a death wish, rock climbing with Aiden, mountain bike. she is so adventurous, but instead of taking Aiden that is just as much, she forces me with her every single time.
Ryan and I is the most alike, where the two others should realize they are perfect for each other and leave me the hell alone. I do want to make it to my 20 birthday with all limps intact.
,, we can go out to the crater to see if something has changed”
,, yeah like the rock suddenly showing up? What should have changed?” I groan locking the door behind me “you only trying to spike my interest so we will go on a half an hour run”
he grins goofy and I know I hit the nail on the head, like hell I'm taking that run out there, Aiden can run for hours not looking like he run for a second, where I after 10 minutes look like a marathon runner with sweat down my back and red in the face.
I decide for all three of us, that Lucifer shouldn’t excise to much cause of his health, Aiden roll his eyes, but agrees.

When I wake up that night cause of the nightmares I decide to go downstairs and find me some food. But when I come down to the kitchen is there another one standing with their head inside the refrigerator. ,, I'm not the only one hungry after that vegetable lasagna” I grin seeing hit his head before coming out with his mouth full of food.
,, your mother makes amazing food, but not enough to fill my stomach” he mumbles licking his fingers. I can't help but laugh softly and take to forks from the drawer.
,, I know what you mean” I put the plate with lasagna on the table and hand him one of the forks.
,, why are you up so late?” he ask looking at me, I shrug my shoulders.
,, I get nightmares” I say nonchalant not really wanting to talk about it, cause how should I explain something I don’t even know anything about myself.
,, since I felt I have gotten nightmares too” he mumbles softly looking at the fork in his hand.
,, about what?” I ask softly, seeing it is a touchy subject like mine.
,, the fall, the things I have lost cause of the fall” he says looking at me with eyes full of sorrow no man on his age should have. it is so hard for me to understand why he keeps talking like that, if he is really just insane, and really believe he is the evil spawn. Or if he's talking like that to hide what really have happened to him.
Clearly something had happened in the family, we heard his brother tell him not to come home.
,, I'm curious” I look up from my plate “  why won't you believe me? that I am the arch angel Lucifer, the bible was created by humans, you tend to lie” he says looking me in the eyes.
,, cause I am atheist.” I say blunt, the room gets quiet, and then Lucifer suddenly burst out laughing, and a sound so divine that it sounded like bells when someone is getting married.
An Sound that can only bring joy and make you laugh with them.
,, I must admit Cassandra, humans don’t stop to amaze me, but you” he smiles “ you are something else”

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