Cassandra was a normal girl from a small town where nothing ever happened. Or so it was, until a meteor fell down and shook the daily lives of its residents Right after this, a stranger showed up. With only a name and no place to go, he was taken pity by Cassandra's mother who welcomed him to their home. But soon, Cassandra began to realize that he wasn't a simple teen. He was something much more.


2. Chapter 2

The next day I head over to the hospital with my mom to see how Lucifer is, outside I see Jennys car. We share a glare before I walk down the hallway to his room and she start her shift. And right there outside his door is Jenny walking in circles with a worried look.

,, well, I'm not the only one worried for him huh?”

she looks over at me and begin to babble about she would just check if he needed anything, but I can't help but see her red cheeks and realize what is really going one.

,, ,, seriously Jenny? him? Isn’t there another guy in town you can fall in love with this week?”are you kidding? He’s new! And totally hot! Did you see those eyes?” she sighs dreamily, I roll my eyes. she shrugs and ruffle up in her short brown hair before walking into the room.

Jenny quickly walks over to his bed, where Lucifer is still sleeping.

,, Jenny I think we should leave, he isn't awake yet” I whisper tugging her arm worried he will freak out over seeing two girls looking down at him, especially when one of them is almost drools.

I try to get her away, but she fights back whispering that we can just wake him.

,, you just did, rather hard to sleep when to chirping girls stand beside my bed” he mumbles opening his eyes and look at us with a annoyed look. His golden eyes lock with mine, making me feel like I'm drowning in flowing gold. Until Jennys happy voice cut through the spell and pulls me out.

,, how are you doing Lucifer? Feeling better? Anything I can get you?” she smiles almost jumping where she stands, he just shake his head and sit up in his bed.

I look at his bandaged chest and realize happily that he look much better than when we found him yesterday. A relived sigh slips through my lips making him focus on me again, I look at his hands not wanting to drawn in those eyes again.

,, who are you anyway?” he question with his silvering voice making me look up.

,, I'm Jenny and this is Cassie” Jenny answer pointing at me when she says my name, he looks at me with a tilting head before focusing on Jenny.

She smiles widely at him, his one lips curl up in a little smile before it vanishes.

,, I could use some water” almost before he was done talking had she run out of the room in search of something for him to drink. She just left me there looking at my feet, not really sure what I should do. I feel his eyes on me, and I lift my head and look at him.

,, you seem at unease”

,, a little, I'm just curious about where you came from, if you weren’t a hiker, did you get dumped up here as a prank or something? it have happened before on the college down in the town” I move closer” that they dumb a student in the woods and then they suddenly show up in the town, is that what happened to you?” he shake his head and look over at the window out on the gray sky, that looks like it's about to rain,, no, I'm not from the other town, nor an hiker. I came here cause my dad is angry” before I can ask more,  I hear footsteps coming our way, way too heavy to be Jennys, and Andrew comes into the room with a big smile.

,, well Lucifer, you are free to go. and Cassie here” he lays a arm on my shoulder and smile warmly down to be before looking at Lucifer” her mom have told me she will take care of you until we find you something her in town” she said what?! I look horrified and surprised over at mom that just smile at Lucifer from the door. did she really think we should just take a completely stranger that may or may not be crazy with us home and let him sleep in the same home as us?





I look out at the rain from the car window trying to ignore my mom’s attempt to talk with Lucifer that just replies her with short answers. I wasn’t the only one that didn't think it was a good idea, but as they told Lucifer he didn't actually have another choice before they found something for him.

when we come home I put the bag of clothes Andres gave Lucifer up on in the guest room that to my irritation was right beside me. Our house has 2 floor house and a attic. I have the attic that has been made into my room and a guest room on the other side of the bathroom, and mom has the middle with two other rooms. One for my atelier and the other one is for her, not only does she love to play in the garden but she love to sew too. And when dad didn't need that room anymore too play handyman, she made it into her room. Dad was the one that fixed the attic for me to have my own place when I got older. He had almost just finished it when he died. I quickly go back to my own room not wanting to disturb Lucifer more than was necessary, I open the windows door and step out on the little balcony daddy made. I look over at the place where the supposed meteor crashed like I two nights before. From here I can't see anything but I know it's out here.

Instead I look at the mountains that stand high behind the forest.

I love this view, and I always have, when dad worked on the attic we used to crawl up on the roof and sit there for hours until the sun went down.

This room reminds me so much of him, not only did he create it, but we did it together.

And the best part was when we painted it together, dad was the one that always supported me drawing. So when the room was done and before we took my stuff in, we painted the walls.

We painted what we saw outside, the forest, the mountains and the colors on the sky when the sound goes down. Aiden said the first time he saw it that it looked like he was standing in on the balcony watching the sunset. Dad was also the one that convinced mom that I need that room to paint. He always said that when I got a painting up in Louvre he would stand there every day and tell anybody that would listen that it was his daughter that had made it.

He's the reason I still paint, because he believed I could do it. And I will prove to him that I can.

I stand there in my own taught looking at the forest, so I didn't know I wasn’t alone until someone coughed to know they were there. I almost expect to see Jenny that was so excited over that Lucifer would stay at my place cause then she wouldn't have any excuses to see him.

But instead I see Lucifer looking at my walls with awe.

,, This is beautiful for someone as young as you, it looks so real” he whispers touching the wall with a wondered look. Not really sure what I should say I just smile and mumble a thank you before asking him if he wanted anything. ,, you mom asked me to tell you that she had to go back to the hospital, and that you should make sure that I didn't die in the meantime. She doesn't really think much of me if she thinks I will die on my own” he shrugs looking around my room.

His eyes landed on my painting and he says.,, this is not how the garden looks like”

“what?” how would he even know I'm trying to make the garden?

,,There should me more flowers, and not so much jungle like” he takes the brush and begins to paint, all over my painting I finished when I got home from the hospital yesterday.

,,and how would you know?” I move over so I can see what he's doing with my painting and gasp of the sight,, cause I been there” he's clearly sick in the head but damn he can paint.

the before painting that looked like a mix between the jungle and a garden now looks like just a garden, he paints and paints making it more like a garden with each touch of paint he puts on.

In the end I stand the looking at something not even the best painter could do.

Its look like I'm looking through a window up to heaven and what I see is the garden from the bible. ,, this is breathtaking” I croak not even sure what I'm seeing is real.

I have been told I'm a great painter, but he. He is something else, he will be the one getting his paintings in Louvre not me. And I would gladly give my place on the wall for this masterpiece.

,, I have had many years to practice” he answer like it tells me everything I need to know.

,, I really don’t care if you're a nut ball, if you can paint so realistic can you be the devil for all I care” I feel his eyes on me but can take mine of the painting

,, that’s what some people call me” I look confused at him.

,, what nut ball?”

,, No the devil, people mostly think of me with red horns and tail. But it's not like what you humans have made up in that little book you call a bible”

,, what the hell are you talking about”

,, what I'm saying is that I wasn’t cast out of heaven before yesterday” he says with a monotone voice like it wasn’t some weird shit he just said. Does he really think he is the devil? Normally people that are sick in the head think they god, Jesus or an angel. Not the devil himself.

,, okay forget it, you are a lunatic” I move away from him and the painting not really sure how I should tackle having him around me, but Aiden have learned me a little about self defense, so if he tries anything, I sure hope I can take him down. I ask him if he's hungry and he follow me down to the kitchen. He sit himself at the dining table while I try to find something in the refrigerator.

there is some turkey from yesterdays dinner and some mashed potatoes from this morning.

I take it out and warm it in microwave.

We eat in silence, mostly because he eats like he never had a meal before, and I can't help but stare at him. Didn’t he get any food on the hospital or something?
We separate after we have eaten, I go to my atelier now that Lucifer was kind enough to paint all over my painting, even though it turned out beautiful do I now have to make another one.

When mom comes home she makes dinner and try to talk to Lucifer that just gives her short answer while complementing her food. After dinner I go up to my room dead tired after having to handle Lucifer that suddenly showed up in the atelier and tried to paint on my painting again.
In the end I gave him a new canvas and we was in there for hours to wrap up in our own to mind each other until mom came home. I jump into bed and am gone before my head touch the pillow.

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