Cassandra was a normal girl from a small town where nothing ever happened. Or so it was, until a meteor fell down and shook the daily lives of its residents Right after this, a stranger showed up. With only a name and no place to go, he was taken pity by Cassandra's mother who welcomed him to their home. But soon, Cassandra began to realize that he wasn't a simple teen. He was something much more.


1. Chapter 1

Everyone know school is boring, it's not like it become such over the past years. But it doesn't mean that we won't complain about it any chance we get, and right now I feel like doing so. ,, But mom! One day, come on, it's one day I will miss. Please? I really need to finish this painting till tomorrow, and I'm not even halfway there!” I plead giving her my best puppy eyes.
I should have seen it coming, last time they worked was like when I was 8 I think and step out of the car.
,, Cassandra is the last year before college, so suck it up"” gosh thanks mom for reminding me. I just smile and wave until she's out of sight and the gloomy atmosphere takes over me. I always hated school, but not so much because of the school, more the people that go there.
It’s the same faces I have seen all my life, the same laughter I hear every day.
Nothing is new, the last new thing that happened here was like 3 years ago when a transfer student started on our school. They all so boring, none of them have originality, the girls want to be like the girls from the big city and try to look even sluttier than the next. the guys think they all cool and try to look up under all the girls skirts like they still mentally is 9 years old.
But hey I'm not so much different. Sure I'm not like the others trying to dull myself up, I'm quite ordinary. Not popular, but not one of the lowest in the hierarchy on the school, I'm more the girl that talks with everybody.
,, Cassie! Over here!”
But that does not mean I don’t have my group of friends like everyone else, I wave towards Jenny that sits on one of the tables on the grass with the others.
She wave enthusiastic back gesturing me to come over, I quickly make my way towards them.
And when that said, luckily for me is not everyone is so boring.                                                 
Jenny has I know since I was five and she shared her new pencils with me.
Since that we have been like Siamese twins.
,, I thought you would take a day off?” Aiden grins looking at me with his pale green eyes.
I roll my eyes and snort that she wouldn't let me.
me and Aiden did not like each other when we were little, he used to bully me and pull my hair.
And like some bad soap opera was it because he liked me at the time.
so when we were around the 12 years I got so afraid that he told me he liked me that I accepted to go out with him. We did so in two months before I realized he wasn’t such a bad guy, and he realized that I was more suitable as a friend. Ryan laughs softly over my grimace before going back to his book.
Ryan is one of the most wanted boys at the school like Aiden, but where Aiden is a sports guy is Ryan more of a study guy. Like he's the one that always come to my rescue, when we have a math test. Completely different people, but like me and jenny have they been friends since they were toddles. But most people in this town has, it's rare that we suddenly begin to hang out with other people we didn't do it with when we were younger. Like everyone taught that when me and Aiden broke up our group would too and we would go back to how it was.
But we stuck together, and have done ever since.
And sometimes another one joins for a couple of weeks before either jenny or Aiden get bored of their girlfriend or boyfriend. They both are so interested in the other gender that it amazes me that those two hadn’t tried to hit it off yet. but Jenny and I is also rather different, where I like to draw and just go through the world one step at a time, is Jenny the person that hits the wall cause she moves to fast.
The bell begins to ring and the sounds we make on the way down to our classes are something that belongs in a zombie movie. We separate and Aiden and Jenny walks down to math class where Ryan and me luckily have music. When we get in Ryan walks straight over to the closet where he keeps his violin while I move over to the piano.
Ryan and I were actually together before Aiden and I got together.
We meet when we were 7 at Ms Hudson musical school
We didn't hang out outside of classes, but we played a lot together and still do when we have the time like no. Ms Hudson still want us to come now and then working with her, cause as she says, it isn't a big town so there aren't many good students. And she's right, everyone knows everyone with a population of under 600.
But that is to be expected when you live almost up in the mountains surrounded by forest, and the nearest city is 2 hours away. When Mr. Baxinfield comes rushing in just before the bell ring, we are all ready and waiting for him.  We start to play, Ryan on his violin, me on the piano and most of the others sing or play smaller easier instruments. I enjoy every minute of it, seeing my fingers fly over the board.
Hearing the soft sounds coming from the violin, and the smile he gets every time he plays it.
It has always been calming for both of us playing music, since our fathers died.
There was a fire around the time where we were 10 years old that killed both our dads. The music helped us, and the music hold us together, so we weren’t alone in our grief. Suddenly I hear the bell and realize we have played for over an hour now. Ryan put his violin away and comes over to me in the doorway with a calm smile I must also have on my face. We quickly run down to next class we have with Jenny.
I jump into bed head first into my pillow and lt out a big sigh. Jenny looks at the half painted painting in the corner with curious expression. ,, what is that supposed to be?” she ask interested and tilt her head examine the painting.
I look over at the half painted garden. ,, I was assigned in religion to make a painting that represents something from the bible. I'm trying to create the garden” god I hate this one.
,, that’s a weird thing to make you do”
,, I suppose she finally found out I'm not interested in religion and this is her way to make me interested?” I replie and sigh loudly before showing my head down the pillow. I want to just forget about this. I have no idea about what it is am supposed to draw, it says it is the most beautiful garden, but is it like the garden we have with different flowers and edible things or is it more jungle like? For now it almost look like a painting of a jungle mixed in with a garden.
Jenny walks away from the painting and jump onto my king sized bed.
,, I envy you so much that your mom bought this” she sighs and move around giggling on the bed.
Well when you move around so much as I do, you need the space or else you will fall down on the floor. Before dad died I used to sleep with him or mom cause of bad nightmares I get.
And the feeling of someone holding me stopped these dreams.
I still get them, but not as often as I used to be, but now I just move around before I wake drenched in sweat. my mom still ask me sometimes if I want to sleep with her cause she knows I still get them. but I'm too old to rely on my mom like that. I just have to deal with them on my own, no matter how little sleep I get.
the worst part is, that I can never remember what the dreams is about, I should know what it is that makes me so terrified. Jenny throws a pillow after me pulling me out of my mind.
I giggle before jumping over to her and tickle her, she whine loudly trying to wiggle her out of my grip but without luck.
I wake up as usual bathed in Sweat. I move the hair away that sticks to my face and chest with a sigh. I look at the clock at the wall that says 03:38 and turn around in bed pulling the blanket over my head because of the light. Wait, light? I pull the blanket away and look over at my window.
I move towards the window confused, how can there be light? There isn't any street light around our house. We live too far into the forest to it can be a car that flashes by, if it isn't Aiden’s parents or his. I look up at the sky and gasp horrified over what I see, a meteor.
it cross the sky so close that I see the glow clearly.
Scared I realize that it's going to hit somewhere, it's too close.
I look helpless while it comes closer and closer and suddenly is gone behind the trees but I hear clearly the explosion. The ground shakes and I see birds fly screaming.
Further down the road I hear Aidens car alarm start of, and his dog barking.
I quickly run down and out of the house, I stand in my garden trying to see the smoke from where it must have hit. A meteor. ,, Cassandra did you hear that?!” I turn around and see Aiden comes running down the street with a flashlight only in some yoga pants. ,, it was a meteor! I saw it before it crashed!” I explain running towards him, he tell me to come home with him because mom is still on her night shift.
When we finally is out in front of his house I see his dad and mom stand on the veranda looking concerned.  ,, the most have felt the crash in town too” I hear his dad mumble when we get closer.
Aiden and me lives 10 minutes with car outside of town, he's dad is a ranger so he must leave close to the forest and my dad was a firefighter and mostly lived of turning forest fires out.
Her mom hushes us in while his dad calls the police station to find out if they heard it too.
His mom comes with a cup of tea to us both and joins his father outside.
I sit closely up at Aiden not really sure how to react in all this.
,, I can't believe it, a meteor” Aiden mumbles amazed while drinking his tee.
Of all the exciting this that I hoped would happen in this little town was a meteor not one of them.
Aidens dad comes in and tells us that some of the men from the town will come and they will look for the meteor to make sure there won't come any fire.
,, I'm going with you, let me just call Ryan” he put his blanket over me and tell me to stay here with his mom. Ryan and the men come twenty minutes later, and they leave me and Anna in the doorway looking after the 6 guys going into the forest with each a flashlight.
I tried to go with them but Ryan and Aiden wouldn't allow it, and left me alone with Anna, Aidens mom. A couple of hours later around the 7 o'clock they come back with tired and confused faces.
Ryan and Aiden go straight into his room telling me to call Jenny and wake them up when she arrives. I try to ask his dad what was going on but he just waved me off telling me he needed some sleep to get his mind around it. What the hell did they see out there? I think while calling Jenny that amazingly had slept through it all. The town could also feel the ground shiver but of course did Jenny sleep from it. Her mom always says that she can sleep from a bomb, and she is right. Around 8 o'clock I hear Jennys car and soon she her walking into the living room looking like a freaking zombie,, this got to be important Cassandra, it's Saturday morning” she growls falling down beside me in the couch. I tell her about what happened last night and she looks horrified at me. ,, and I slept through all that?!”
After a while I decide I can't wait longer waiting for the guys and go up the stairs to Aidens room.
when I open the door I hear the snoring of Aiden, I look towards the big bed and see Aiden and Ryan lay over the sheets with their faces down in the bed sleeping like there's no tomorrow.
After a little shaking I finally get them down with me.
Ryan says we have to see it for us selves or we will not believe it making me think if they have gone crazy out there for some kind of toxic gas and think it is an alien ship or something.
we take Ryans car and he drive further into the forest while I try to make them say what is going on. ,, that’s the thing! There wasn’t anything! The crater was empty” Aiden says looking back as us when we get out of the car. A short while after I stumble over the tree falling into Jenny.
,, what the hell do you mean with empty, I saw something, it can't just vanish”
,, and that’s why you need to see it for yourself cause it's true” Ryan says looking at me with a concerned face. Wait, is it true? How the hell is that possible? It should me a rock, it's not like it can move on its own or someone could move it on that short time. ,, do you think it was a alien?” Jenny whisper looking around like she thinks something is going to attack us. I roll my eyes and tell her there aren’t such things as aliens.
After some while we finally get there, and I can't believe my eyes, the earth is ripped, tress are shattered everywhere after the fall, ash dirt cower the ground.
We walk over to the crater and I except to see a giant rock of some kind, but there is nothing.
,, What the hell” Jenny outburst, making the guys say that they told us so.
Where the hell is the rock? There should be something, I saw it crash and this isn't something that could have happened without something making an impact on the ground.
,, this can't be, where the hell is the rock or whatever fall from the sky? It can't just have walked away!” I yell looking around like the rock must hide somewhere.
Before anyone can answer we see Jack the butcher comes out from the forest on the other side of the crater, when he sees us he turns completely red in the face.
,, what are you kids doing?! It’s dangerous out here! Go home now! Or I will call your dad Jenny!”
We all quickly run for it not wanting him to call Jennys dad there are the officer in the town.
We run all the way to the car, and all the way I can't let go of the thought about where the hell the thing is. On the way back we decide to drive downtown to get something to eat, and we drive down to the café. We sit outside drinking and eating our eggs and bacon when we begin to hear whisper around us from the other tables. I see a little girl point at something.
When I look I can't help but gasp surprised, down the road comes a walks a guy completely covered in mud, leaves and ashes. He looks around like he doesn't understand where he is.
,, Who the hell is that?” Jenny asks confused looking at him with the same wondering eyes like me.
When he comes closer I realize it isn't just dirt his covered in, he's also covered in bruises and wounds. I quickly run over to him followed by the others, he stops when he sees us coming.
,, hey are you okay? Did you get mugged or something?” Aiden ask handing him his jacket because he is only wearing pants. He takes the jacket with a wondering look before putting it on.
,, no I was not mugged, I fell. I don’t have time for this, I need to go home” he says before walking away from us, I look concerned at the others before running up to him.
,, where is your home? You aren't from this town, are you a tourist?”
,, I'm not a tourist, I just need to find them and then go home”
,, well maybe we can help you. But first you need to get to the hospital and let someone look at those wounds” I say putting my hand on his arm, he looks at my hand before moving it.
,, I don’t need help, once I get back they will be gone, tell me. Where is your church?”
Our church? Why does he want to go there?
,, dude Cassandra is right, you need to get your wound treated, we will do whatever you want after” Aiden says before taking a hold of his arm, after some arguing, or rather him keep saying he need to get home and ask about the church he decide to let us take him to the hospital if we after show him the church. When we walk into the hospital my mom comes over to us with a frustrated look.
,, who is it this time?” she sighs examining us from head to toe.
I point at the guy and say it is him that is hurt.
,, it will heal quickly, but they wouldn't tell me where the church where before I allowed them to take me here” he says looking rather irritated on all of us. mom takes him into another room and ask us to wait. I sit down beside Ryan that looks towards the room with a wondering eye.
,, am I the only one thinking it's weird that he just showed up out of nowhere looking like that? he can't have come from another city, we are too far away” he looks at Aiden that sits in front of us with Jenny “ have you dad heard about any hikers or rock climbers in the area?” Aiden shakes his head and tell us that there is only one hiker out in our woods right now and that is a woman.
we all sit the discussing  who he might be, when mom says that they have cleaned his wounds and giving him some pain killers. When we walk towards his room we suddenly hear him shout.
,, what do you mean by I can't come home before I find them?! I do want be at home! Why can't father see that?” Jenny and I share a glare before hurrying down the hall with the guys right behind us. ,, you need to prove that to him by finding them, until then you are not allowed to go home, sorry brother” the guy that must have said that comes out of the room right when I'm about to enter making us walk right into one another, I look up in those amazingly blue eyes, making me unable to even say sorry before he is gone walking down the hall.
When I finally come to my senses do I look over at the now clean and bandaged guy in the bed.
First there I realize that he wasn’t actually black haired, but it was the ash that made it.
His golden curls frame his face, and highlights his cheeks bones and masculine jaw.
,, who the hell was that guy?” Jenny question moving over to his bed.
,, it was my brother, he just told me I can't go home yet” he grunts looking out the window with a frown. Why would he tell him that he can't go home? And what is it that he should find? all kinds of thoughts runs through my mind while they guys tries to get it out of him where he come from.
,, well Lucifer, luckily the wounds you had wasn’t as bad as we feared, we will hold you to tomorrow to make sure nothing have been missed, but in the morning you are free to go home” the doctor says with a smile when he walks through the door with my mom.
,, his brother have just been here telling him that he can't come home, it think he has been kicked out” Aiden says looking at Andrew. Andrew looks concerned at Lucifer before looking at my mom.
,, well that’s sad to hear, but you are clearly old enough to move from home, I will see what I can do to help you get on your feet if you are interested in staying in the town” he says smiling at Lucifer that just looks at him, like he doesn't even care about his kind gesture.
,, I suppose it is a wise idea to stay here cause it is around the place it happened” he just say before turning his gaze at the window again.

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