Just like me

I didn't know who she was.
I didn't know who she was.

For the Replica Competition. You would probably follow better if you read Lily's two chapters then Anna's two chapters, but it's up to you!


5. Lily

The next day at school, our class was told the most bewildering news. Bewildering to me, anyways. 

Apparently a new girl is coming to our school. A home schooled girl. I wonder if she's just like m-...no. No, come on don't be silly Lily, she can't be. There are so many home schooled students and you think that this one will be the one you were thinking about? Give me a break.

But seriously, what if? What if she is that girl? That girl called Anna? I mean, we don't know her name yet because it is only a possibility she'll stay, but still. I'm over the moon. And bewildered.


Ms Hope told us that are suppose to continue with our writings. So I grabbed my journal and continued from where I left off. Maybe I can intertwine that this 'Anna' girl is coming to my school? 

Story: Just like me          Author: Lily Park

I met someone. Someone just like me. I mean, they have the same personality and looks as me. They go homeschooling, unlike me. I don't know where they are, but they are somewhere. That person is called Anna. However, Anna is not going to be homeschooled any more. She is going to come to a school. A new school. And meet a girl, just like her. Called Lily. 

I'm excited to see what's coming.

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