Just like me

I didn't know who she was.
I didn't know who she was.

For the Replica Competition. You would probably follow better if you read Lily's two chapters then Anna's two chapters, but it's up to you!


8. Anna

One month later


I'm here. New school. New backpack. New school books. Even my own locker. But before I could put anything in there, the Principal wanted to lead me to my new classroom to show my new classmates. Everything is so new, everything is so big here. 

"Students, I am pleased to say you have a new classmate joining you, and her name is Anna. Please be friendly to her as she has recently been homeschooled and hasn't actually experienced schooling," The principal said, then left the classroom. Everyone went quiet. Was I doing something unusual? Was I wearing the wrong thing? Did people already start not liking me? But thankfully Ms Hope broke the silence by telling me to sit beside a girl called Lily.

I went to sit down then glanced at Lily. Long, brown hair, down to the middle of her back, like me. Quite tall, like me. Large square glasses, like me. Just like me. 

Then it struck me. Is this really her? Is this the girl, Lily, that I have been writing about, and supposedly met in my dream?


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