Just like me

I didn't know who she was.
I didn't know who she was.

For the Replica Competition. You would probably follow better if you read Lily's two chapters then Anna's two chapters, but it's up to you!


2. Anna

I woke up with a strange dream. A dream that I had met someone. Someone just like me. I don't know. There could be a person, just like me, out of the 7 billion in the world.


I wish I wasn't homeschooled. I've been going at it for 4 years, I just want to start new at a school. Get a best friend. Start communicating. Oh well, at least I don't have to be that punctual getting to 'school'. I could just take my time, but mother said I had to be all ready by 9am. My mother says I should always start with Maths because it gets the brain running. But I always like to start the day reading a good book. But mother doesn't agree. Books let me feel alive, my imagination starts running and I get so many ideas.

I crawled out of bed, put on some casual clothes and went downstairs for breakfast.

"Mother," I asked out, while filling my bowl with some crunchy cereal.

"Yes, Anna?" Mother replied.

"Would there be someone in the world, just like me?"

"Oh don't be silly, everyone in the world is unique. Did you read another strange book again?" Mother asked. She wasn't a fan of my reading all the time.

"No..I just...had a dream." My mother gave me a disapproving look and continued putting dishes in the dishwasher.



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