When Gumball and Marshall lee meet and fall in love


1. The Party

Marshall: Okay firstly most people believe that Gumball and I were a thing the correct answer is that this shit wasn't going down until that party a while ago. ~3 Months Ago~ Marshall: "Hey Gumward" I said as I flew around the court room. "Marshall you gave me a heart attack!" Gumball held his chest in fright. "I intend to do that don't I? I smirked at him, and he just blushed and looked away, "hey I'm only joking around with you" the smirked wondered off my lips. "Well anyways your not invited tonight" he crossed his arms and pouted his head away. "What? seriously? what did I do wrong?" I got angry and groaned. "Because my party tonight is only for the royalty from this realm got it" he finished and walked off to put up decorations.

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