My poems

Poems book for a JCEA task.
Full of wonderful poems that have been learnt in my class


11. the snowboard not written

Two decisions on a snowy mountain

And sorry I could not do both

And be one adventure, long did I stand

And look ahead as far as I could

To where icy hills bent around the path;

Then I decided not, just as boring

And perhaps the less dangerous one

Because it was steep and wanted injury;

Though for the brother there

Had probably been just as safe,

And both that afternoon equally lay

In snow no step missed

So,I kept snowboarding for another day!

Yet knowing how hard the way is

I doubt if I'll ever go

I shall tell this with a frown

Somewhere later on

Two decisions on a mountain, and sorry-

I didn't take the most traveled one,

And that had changed it all.

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