The sequel to"Half-Blood". Alexander Wisenberg-Harris is the son of Erela and Landon (Half-Blood) and living his life as normally as what is given to him. Living in a werewolf refuge his parents made, he has to keep secret of his heritage and his home life in order to protect himself and his family. When his new friends grow closer to him, they all try and find the answers behind why werewolves are no longer welcome to attend Hogwarts. Only to find there are secrets his parents are hiding from him.


2. Stupid Boys

    Valerii was a Russian fifteen-year-old in Gryffindor. Perfect in terms of appearance with red hair, icy blue eyes, and a lean athletic build to be confident about. And with perfectly carved cheekbones for days. He was the coolest friend in the world, but also a bit of a daredevil. 

    Like, trying to persuade him to do dangerous stunts on a broom because it would look cool. And he was never wrong about the tricks looking cool.

    Alex and Val were outside by the lake sitting under some shade. Alex was doing his homework while Val lied down on the grass throwing a tennis ball in the air out of boredom. Valerii’s bag remained unopened with his notebook and textbooks inside, Alexander had another textbook waiting on the side with pieces of paper sticking out between the pages, and both of the boys had their brooms lying beside them.

    “I’m booooooored,” Valerii groaned.

    “Then go fly around and practice for tryouts,” Alex answered in a monotone as he kept scribbling in his answers. “It isn’t for awhile, you’re probably rusty from taking selfies of yourself all summer.”

    Valerii rolled his eyes and threw his tennis ball at Alex. “Pfft whatever,” he replied and thought about adding something about receiving selfies from him being a blessing, but let it go. Instead, he jumped up grabbed his broom with one hand and Alex’s textbook with the other.  

    “Dude, give that—”

    “Maybe YOU need practice. I’m sure you were too busy not communicating with the outside world to practice,” Val interrupted. 

    The comeback sounded better in his head.

    Either way he hopped on his broom and drifted up over the lake with Alex's textbook hostage.

    “Val! Dude, seriously! I have half my shit done in that!” Alexander called out, but his redheaded friend was too far out. 

    Val smirked and tucked Alex's textbook tightly under his arm, he would never drop it in the lake on purpose—but that didn't mean he wouldn't drop it. 

    He scoffed and grabbed his broom, hopped on, and jet after Valerii. The wind felt harsh against his skin and rough through his hair, but the feeling of weightlessness was a familiar comfort when he was off the ground. The distance between him and Valerii shrank as Alex slowed to a stop. “I swear to god if you drop that,” he threatened.

    He looked over his shoulder to see Alex was catching up and that was his cue to lean forward on his broom and speed up. “Come on, Alex! Man, no wonder you're a Chaser! Sooooo slow.” 

    “Shut up, I do more work than you do!” Alex leaned forward and followed after Val. Stupid cocky Seekers. They’re practically the quarterback of football, including the smug personality. He added more weight to the foot support of his broom, almost like pushing closer to the tip of the broom would make him go faster and in is mind it felt like it was working. He slowly got closer to Valerii and outstretched his hand toward the textbook tucked under his arm. “But you need to know when someone is just behind you!”

    “Tsk, as if,” Valerii rolled his eyes and laughed to himself before gripping the end of his broom and dipping around and down towards the water.

    “God fucking—” Alex cursed under his breath and pushed his broom down, diving toward Valerii. 

    The redhead pulled up when he got too close to the water and drifted right above it, leaving the water to pull up and spray in his wake. You don't get to be the Gryffindor Seeker by being subpar on a broom after all.

    “Getting real tired of your shit, Gryffindor!” Alexander shouted. He thought about kicking the book out of Valerii’s grasp, but then papers would fly everywhere and Alex wouldn't have a lot of time to pull his wand out and collect everything before it touched the water since they were so much closer to it. It wasn't a damn Quaffle.

    Val chewed on his lower lip. If he gave up then, Alex would probably hit hit much less than if he kept this ‘keep away’ act going. As he approached the edge of the lake he hopped off the broom and waited for Alex to catch up, trying to keep the shitty grin off his face. 

    Alex was probably forty yards away when Valerii reached land. Rolling his eyes, he slowed to a stop, hopped off his broom, and lazily punched his friend in the shoulder. “Dick,” he grumbled and nabbed his textbook from under Val’s arm. “You’re still a shit flyer.”

    “Still a better flyer than you,” the Gryffindor fought back. He rubbed his arm halfheartedly but Alex hadn't really hit him that hard.

    Alex was about to throw a comeback at him, but his attention immediately went to the Hufflepuff house exiting out of the entrance to the Quidditch field. Some of them were familiar faces that had been a part of the team for a year or two. And one of them was a surprise. “Dude, is the Lancaster?”

    The one he had his attention on was Lacie, blonde haired beauty queen that wore expensive tennis bracelets and painted her nails a new color every other week. She was the same age as them and the type of person that put more effort in her looks than in anything else. At least he thought so. He didn’t really talk to her much but whenever he did she didn’t say much. Lacie wasn’t his least favorite person in the castle, she was just okay . . .

    Valerii, on the other hand, tried not to seem overly enthusiastic as he followed Alex's gaze to the Hufflepuffs leaving the pitch, partly because he couldn’t believe that the princess of Hogwarts herself could possibly be trying out for Quidditch and it had to be Alex messing with him. 

    “Dude no way—why would Lancaster be on the pitch?”

    “Why don’t you go over to her and ask,” Alex answered and crossed his arms across his chest. He was totally not subtle. 

    The Gryffindor shrugged, “Nah, she’ll just call me a dumbass.” He rolled his eyes and decided instead to retrieve his bag from where they left it. “I bet she's just trying out or whatever. I guess we'll find out when the teams are made?” 

    Alexander laughed at Val’s ‘didn't give a shit’ demeanor. “You ARE a dumbass,” he chuckled. “Trying to act all cool after you nearly spazzed out when I mentioned her name,” he continued and placed his broom and book beside the rest of his things. “At least try to say ‘hi’ to her. Sometime THIS YEAR.”

    “Yeah man okay whatever,” Valerii rolled his eyes and scooped his messenger bag over his shoulder, “I don't have to take advice from you. What do YOU know?”

    “That you're totally in love with her. Or fancy her. I don't know, you have a thing for her on some level,” Alex waved off. All he knew was that Valerii liked her. He wasn't sure if it was her looks or if there was something about her personality, but the guy liked her. Least he could do was tease and push his friend to initiate something. “But fine, I'll drop it,” he rolled his eyes. “Go kick ass at tryouts.”

    Val huffed and pushed his fingers through his hair, he'd been trying not to think about tryouts for the better part of the day and the closer they got the more he felt sick. He nodded and gave Alex a little two fingered salute, “Yeah man can do, see you later.” Then he readjusted his broom in his hand and headed back towards the castle. 

    Alex two finger saluted back then cracked open his textbook again. The Slytherins don’t get practice until tomorrow, so there really was no rush for him. Whatever, he could always pry how tryouts were for Valerii before dinner at the Great Hall. Stupid perfect bastard . . .

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