Carry On My Wayward Son

A girl named Jess, who lives with her mother, because her father, Dean Winchester, leaves before she was born. When Jess learns Dean is her father, what will she do? Stay with her mother? Or continue The Winchester's legacy?
This is written right before Kevin dies.


6. Training Part 2

He opened the trunk, and I was stuck in a daze. I was watching some butterflies jumping from flower to flower. I smiled, as Dean set up a target, and handed me some knives. 

    "The best way to throw a knife is by the blade. It gives you a more accurate shot," he told me. "Remember, don't hold it by the sharp part." I smiled, and turned the knife in my hand. "Now, you need to angle it just the right way to hit your target go ahead." I bent my arm, and I could feel the smooth wooden hand brush my ear. I breathed out, and threw it. I watched as it flipped forward, and hit the target. 

    "Bull's eye!" I gasped, and Dean smiled. 

    "Yeah, you're my daughter alright," Dean smiled. "Keep going." I threw another, almost a bull's eye. We concluded that day with me shooting a gun. I hit the target every time. Dean was acting like he was proud of me, and I was proud too. 

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