Carry On My Wayward Son

A girl named Jess, who lives with her mother, because her father, Dean Winchester, leaves before she was born. When Jess learns Dean is her father, what will she do? Stay with her mother? Or continue The Winchester's legacy?
This is written right before Kevin dies.


5. Training Part 1

"You want her to what?" Dean asked, sounding a little protective. I smiled at that fact. 

   "Stay with Kevin. Dean we can't bring an untrained teen to a hunt," Sam said. "She could get hurt."

   "Okay, well have you seen the way Kevin stares at her!" Dean yelled.

   "Dean-" Sam said. 

   "No, Sammy you can handle this one on your own," Dean grabbed my wrist, and pulled me with him. 

   "Where are we going?" I asked. 

   "Training," Dean answered. He already had the keys to the Impala, and we both got in. 

   "What about Sam?" I asked. 

   "What about him?" Dean retorted. 

   "Isn't he going to need some of those?" I pointed in the backseat. There was a bag of guns laying in the seat.

    "He's got his own," Dean said, as the car jerked into motion. Dean turned the radio on, and an 'Eye of The Tiger' came on. I looked at Dean, and he was smiling. He started lip syncing along to the song, and I couldn't help myself, so I laughed. He just kept going. I started singing then, and he joined me. We did that for every song he played. Then the car stopped. 

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