Carry On My Wayward Son

A girl named Jess, who lives with her mother, because her father, Dean Winchester, leaves before she was born. When Jess learns Dean is her father, what will she do? Stay with her mother? Or continue The Winchester's legacy?
This is written right before Kevin dies.


1. My Mother

"Dean, get here fast, something's coming," my mother said. She hung up the phone, and looked at me. 

"Whose Dean?" I asked. 

"Honey I think it's best if you sit down," mom told me. 

"Mom whose Dean?" I asked still not sitting down. She didn't answer. 

"You should hear it from him..." she didn't say anything more. 


            *                *                *               *                   *                 *                     *                   *                 *               *           *          * 


"So you're Dean?" I asked the rugged one. "So who are you to my mom?"

"Sorry sweetie that's the wrong question," Dean looked at me. "You should be asking-"

"Who are you to me?" I interrupted 

"I am you're father," he said. 

"I don't have a-" I stopped, seeing something behind Dean. What the hell? It's eyes were hypnotizing, I couldn't move, let alone say anything to Dean. 

"Dean!" my mother screamed, and he turned around seeing the creature. Instantly he pulled something out, and I could move again. I turned to see my mother pass out on the floor. I ran towards her, and checked her pulse. I couldn't feel anything underneath my fingertips, just cool skin. 

"NO!" I screamed. Dean's brother Sam, pulled me off of my mother. I cried out, and then everything went black. 

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