Carry On My Wayward Son

A girl named Jess, who lives with her mother, because her father, Dean Winchester, leaves before she was born. When Jess learns Dean is her father, what will she do? Stay with her mother? Or continue The Winchester's legacy?
This is written right before Kevin dies.


4. I woke up Crying

I was crying, because of what I had seen. It was my mother's death, from every last detail to the next. 

    "You okay?" Sam asked, not looking away from his laptop screen. I just wanted comforted. 

    "No," I got up, and ran into the bathroom. All these people were just cold, they didn't care about me. Someone knocked. 

    "Jess," it was Dean. "Can I come in?" 

    "Why?" I yelled back. I looked in the mirror, my brown hair was in knots, and my eyes were a green color like Dean's.  He knocked again. 

    "Jess, I'm sorry, okay," he said, and I let him in. 

    "What?" I asked. He looked at me. 

    "I'm sorry for leaving you and your mother," Dean said. "I'm sorry." That's all I wanted to hear. I jumped at him, and wrapped my arms around him. 

    "Thank you," I cried into his chest. He was shocked, and didn't move. Then he wrapped his arms around me. 

    "Hey, I think I got something," Sam said. Dean let go of me, and I let go of him. On Sam's laptop screen it read, 'Man eaten from the waist up' in all caps. They're was a picture. Ew! I screamed in my mind and looked away. 

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