Something in the Dark

Clover, a young British girl, Flora her twin sister, Maise her older sister who is almost 20, and Augustine her older brother are all on a journey to a small, almost abandoned town in England called Acle. Their parents had both mysteriously died and their bodies were never found. Join Clover, Flora, Maise and Augustine in their new life in Acle.


2. There's Something in My Closet, August

Later that day I made dinner for us four. I cooked Fish and chips (fries) and we had tea and water to drink.

"Wow, now I really feel British." said August with a happy tone. We all finished our dinner and went up to our rooms. After an hour of reading, I finally went to bed. It was about 11 when I finally fell asleep. At about 2-ish I was woken by a strange noise, kind of like scratching, from my closet. I got out of bed and slowly walked over to the door to my closet, trying to figure out how to turn on my lantern. I finally got it on and reached for the door, ready to scream if I had to. I opened the door, and for no reason, I screamed. I heard August turn on his light and open his bedroom door. I then heard his footsteps pacing down the hallway, to my room. I was sitting on the ground, almost crying from what I saw.

"Clover? Are you ok?" He asked me, holding his hand out to lift me up.

"I-I don't know. I s-saw something really creepy in my closet." I replied. August closed my closet door and started to walk me over to my bed.

"It's ok Cloe, it's just your imagination. You're just tired." I nodded and got in bed. August tucked me in and told me it would be alright. I drifted off to sleep after August left my room.

**********The Next Day**********

I woke up later than everyone else. Good thing it was Saturday. I start school on Monday, and I'll be a new student. At least I'll have Flora. I walked to my closet, not remembering what happened last night, and got my red dress, white beanie, Fox belt, black leggings and brown-grey heels. I walked down the stairs and Flora was wearing the same thing.

"OMG! Twinning!" Yelled Flora.

"Just because you're identical twins and are wearing the same thing doesn't mean you have to yell so early." Said Maise, walking out of the kitchen with a mug of coffee. She really isn't a morning person.

"C'mon Mai, don't ruin their fun already." Said August, following her into the room. He looked at me weirdly, but then looked back at Maise. "Hey, why don't Flo and Cloe go outside and walk around the town? It'll be a nice walk, and also a good way to become familiar with the town." He finally said.

"Good idea, I'll give you both 50 pounds. Find some food and some other things you guys might like." Said Mai, handing us both 50 pounds.

"Thanks! I'll get you to return your kindness." I said to Maise.

"It's ok, I don't need anything right now." She said.

"I'm getting you something anyway." I said as I turned for the door. Flo walked behind me. I got a creepy vibe from this town, and it got stronger as we got closer to the graveyard.

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