Something in the Dark

Clover, a young British girl, Flora her twin sister, Maise her older sister who is almost 20, and Augustine her older brother are all on a journey to a small, almost abandoned town in England called Acle. Their parents had both mysteriously died and their bodies were never found. Join Clover, Flora, Maise and Augustine in their new life in Acle.


3. Something's Wrong With This Town

"Hey, Flora. Can we go to the graveyard?" I asked.

"Uh, sure. Why?"

"Just curious about this town."

"Ok, cool." We walk into the creepy, muggy graveyard. I swear I saw it, a ghost. I screamed again. Flora looked at me weirdly.

"Why are you screaming?" She asked me.

"You seriously don't see that?" I said, pointing to "nothing" according to Flora.

"N-no? Ok, let's go. I need food." We started walking into town and I looked back, it was gone. We walked to the farmers market, but it didn't seem normal. There were human heart, but when I blinked and looked again, they were beats. We took a while there, me seeing weird things, but we ran home when we decided that it was about time for dinner. When we got there, Mai was still cooking.

"Hey girls," August started. "This is my new friend, Jasper. He's 10, too." I must admit, this boy was pretty cute, and Mai and Flo could tell that I did. Mai asked Flo to help her make dinner, but I knew that Mai was telling Flo to let me have him. Jasper has brown-blonde hair, icy blue eyes like me, and is very thin like me. He's a little bit taller than me, though. We all ate dinner, August, Flo, and I eating three servings, and then went upstairs. I sat in my bay window reading and listening to music out loud, while August and Jasper spied on me. It got to about 11 'o Clock when I finally fell asleep, still listening to music, August and Jasper had went to August's room. I feel asleep listening to the song One by Ed Sheeran. I didn't even notice, but I hadn't moved to my bed. At about 12 'o Clock I felt someone pick me up, bridal style, and I opened my eyes a little. One was still playing, and I was put in my bed, tucked in, and kissed on the cheek. I then realized it wasn't August or Flo... OR Mai. It had to be Jasper, he was the only other person in the house. He turned off my music, and August brought in sleeping bags pillows and a blanket. They both slept in my room. Jasper slept pretty close to me, and August slept a little farther away. I knew it was just because August was worried about me, after what had happened the night before. Around 1-ish I heard August get up and go in the bathroom, I opened my eyes a little, and I saw him jump.

"August?" I whispered.

"I believe you." He said, frightened.

"About what?"

"The thing in the closet." I hoped out of bed to see what he was talking about, there stood a little girl, dressed in all white. I blinked, she disappeared.

"Ok, well, just go back to bed."

"Ok." We both climbed into our beds and fell back to sleep.

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